Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ramen Kuroda Aseana

I have heard of Ramen Kuroda from a facebook friend who raves about the restaurant’s delicious ramen and its affordable price.  And because I wanted to try something new and affordable, I searched the internet for Ramen Kuroda’s location.  They currently have three branches: one in BF, Paranaque, another in Salcedo Village in Makati, and the last one is somewhere close to me, Aseana in Paranaque, near Baclaran.

So one fine afternoon, we decided to give it a try and off to Ramen Kuroda Aseana we went.  It is very easy to find.  It’s in one of the buildings facing S&R Aseana.  Don’t follow the google maps direction because it will lead you to a different building.   

Ramen Kuroda Aseana is a very small establishment.  It can only seat 16 people.  Yes, 16.  I am positive because I could easily count the seats.  The kitchen where they prepare the food is a lot bigger than the dining area.

The entire dining area.

We ordered Kuro Chashumen, which has four slices of pork compared to their best seller that has one slice only.  We also added extra noodles for Php40 and Gyoza for Php100.


Ramen Kuroda sells very affordable ramen.  But the taste did not disappoint.  The ramen is tasty and the noodles are firm.   

Here’s a copy of their menu and their operating hours. 

If you want value for your money and you want to taste a delicious ramen, try Ramen Kuroda.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Be Sexy and Hot with RedoXfat

Press Release:

Nowadays, people become more and more health and body conscious but with the temptation around us it can be a struggle. ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally believes that a healthy body reflects a slim figure. That is why they created a product that aids in achieving a slim and healthy figure– RedoXfat.

RedoXfat is a slimming food supplement that has 7 times more L-Carnitine compared to other L-Carnitine containing food supplements. It aids in fat burning and helps increase your energy for more activities. RedoXfat also contains Green Tea Extract that helps speed up your metabolism and fights free radicals. RedoXfat can be bought in leading drugstores nationwide at P15.00 per capsule. RedoXfat is recommended to be taken one capsule with warm water before every meal. Being healthy and having a slender body doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is self-discipline and a little help from ATC Healthcare and RedoXfat. Slim down, Chin up with RedoXfat. For more exercise activities and diet tips, like RedoXfat on Facebook –

Thursday, July 23, 2015

100 Days Till Halloween – 30% off Sale at Costume Express

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Shop Costume Express

Believe it or not, Halloween is only 100 days away and Costume Express has the perfect treat to get you ready for the big day! For one day only, on 7/23, you can get 30% off 1 item with coupon code AFC100CX… no tricks and no minimum! It's the perfect time to find a new dress-up outfit for your kiddo... or just shop early for Halloween!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ensogo launches Android App

Ensogo Philippines, one of the leaders of online flash sales, officially announces its newly developed mobile app for android.  With this, users can now have quick access to the best offers in the market for an easier mobile shopping.

Ensogo recognizes the importance of mobile in consumer lifestyle, and this is just one of the many developments the company has in store for this year.

Online shoppers can download the app from Google Play for android.  You just have to search Ensogo and select Ensogo App from the results and install it.  Once it is installed, you can choose from the different country locations where Ensogo is available. 

A promotion is also on going for the launch.  Ensogo generously will give Php300 discounts for purchases Php1200 and above.  You just have to enter APP300 promo code.  This is applicable for all brands and for nationwide delivery.


Ensogo is one of the leading e-Commerce businesses in Hongkong and Southeast Asia specializing in flash sales.  Each flash sale is carefully selected to ensure only the best choices of products across a range of categories including accessories, fashion, beauty, daily essentials, home ware and a lot more.

Ensogo is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:E88) and operates in different countries namely: Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Neo’s First Movie Date: The Minions

The hubby and I are not moviegoers.  We seldom watch movies in the cinema, but we do watch movies on DVDs – so we are not updated whenever there are new movies.  But two Saturdays ago was an exemption.  We watched a movie at the cinema with the little boy.   This is his first movie date with Mama and Papa (and Ate Espie too).

Papa and Neo.

To say that he was excited is an understatement.  He was so thrilled and excited, that days before the movie date, he was all talk about going to the cinema.  So even though both the hubby and I are sore from our fun run, we kept our promise, and brought him to the cinema to watch The Minions.

The Minions movie was so popular that weekend (it was the first weekend showing, it opened last Wednesday), and the line for the ticket booth was long.  I already bought our tickets at Ensogo, priced at Php120 each (original price Php200) because I’m a practical mama.  The seller at the ticket booth didn’t let us fall in line; instead she gave us our tickets.  I think maybe because, its already paid for.

We bought popcorns, French fries, and drinks for the movie.

Upon entry on the cinema, the little boy became afraid and cried and he badly wanted to get out.  Then Papa lent him his phone to play with before the movie started.  When the movie started rolling, Neo was all eyes and all ears.  He was laughing and even dancing in his seat whenever the small yellow creatures called Minions are dancing too. 

We had so much fun with the little boy.  I think family movie dates like this should also be in our calendar. J

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Zoomanity Tickets Giveaway - With A Winner

Thanks for Zoomanity Group, my family especially my little boy has been to a lot of child friendly and educational areas.  We were able to enjoy a lot of activities and tours at various Zoomanity places. 

We have been to Paradizoo where we had a farm-filled adventure and Neo had had is pony ride and to Residence Inn where we were we had fun bonding with animals.  I also went to Zoobic Safari and had an encounter with the tigers.

Now, I am treating one lucky reader tickets to Zoomanity Group.  I am giving away:

Entrance for two (2) at Residence Inn Tagaytay
Entrance for two (2) at Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle
Ten Free Rides inside any Zoomanity Park

All you have to do is do the following
Follow @nes_nunag in Instagram.
Leave your name and email address in the comment section.
And please don't forget to share :) 

It’s simple.  Giveaway will run until end of July and announcement of winner will be on August 3.

I have chosen the winner via

Congratulations to Geraldine Fajardo!  J  Please wait for an email from me. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

I Survived 21K

Last Saturday is a day another day of first to me.  It was my first time to run for 21K and actually finished it. 

The day started with me waking up at 1230AM (yes, I was so excited).  I forced the hubby to join me in this fun run because I can’t be running alone. :P  The hubby and I went to CCP (the starting line) and arrived there an hour before gun start. 

All smiles before the race started.

I will not bore you with the route, but we were able to alternate running and walking until 15K.  From 15K until the finish line, 21K, we were walking. 

The weather was cooperative at first.  However, upon arriving at 13K, it started to drizzle, and it stopped abruptly.  But when we reached 18K, it rained hard – and we had no choice but to walk in the rain. 

Dark clouds ahead.

After 3 hours and 47 mins, we were able to finish the run.  J  Kudos to us!

I made it!

Now, what are the tips for newbie runners like me?

PRACTICE.  This is something we really wanted to do but failed to because of the non-stop rains due to the storms.  We were able to practice for only five times.  This is something we should have done religiously before the start of the fun run.

EAT BEFORE THE RUN.  We took a light meal before going to the fun run so we won’t get dizzy and sick.  You don’t have to eat too much since you might get appendicitis.  Light meal (bread or whatever you consider is light) will help you during the run.

RUN AND WALK.  There is no need to sprint.  Remember, you will need all your energy in running a half marathon race.  Sprinting will just exhaust all your energy (unless you want to win the race).  Walk if you need to because of exhaustion.  This is a fun run and you don’t want to end up in the hospital afterwards. 

ENJOY.  It was a good 3 hours and 47 mins of Mama and Papa time.  We run, talk, walk, bonded, laughed, and enjoyed the run.  We even smiled and paused sometime to the colleagues we meet along the way.

A side note:  One of the lawyers in our office was amazed I was able to finished 21K and I am not a runner.  He told me to practice more and try 42K next time.  I am not sure if I was motivated or if I was discouraged.  You see, I was sore yesterday and today.  Pain relievers are my friends for two days now.  But I will surely try running again.  Let’s cross our fingers that I can make the 42K J

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Four Seasons Hotpot City

As our family love food so much, and since we are trying out to eat on different places during occasions, our tummies led us to Four Seasons Hotpot City at SM By The Bay.

Four Seasons Hotpot City is a very different kind of buffet.  Upon arrival, we were seated.  Every table has a cooking pot (must be reason why it’s named hotpot). 

We were then asked to choose two types of soups.  We chose pork and fish.

These kettles carry different types of soups.
After which, we roamed the place and did our “grocery shopping”.  Yes.  It was like shopping for fresh grocery items. 

We cooked most of our foods after shopping.  Though there are foods that are already cooked and prepared, it was of minimal choices.  Because this is Four Seasons Hotpot, we did our cooking.

Happy tummies J
Rate per adult during weekday lunch is Php588 plus 5% service charge.  Kids 3ft and above pays Php188 plus 5% service charge. 

It was a fun family day we had at Four Seasons Hotpot City just in time for Father’s Day.  This is the only eat-all-you-can buffet where I feel so happy full (not vomit-y full), because I get to stand up every now and then to shop for food I will be cooking.  J

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unboxing BDJ Box: June 2015

June BDJ Box came in a bit late for me, the last day of June to be exact.  So before I was able to unbox it, I was able to read a lot of feedback and comments about how it look like.

It’s an exclusive Bioderma box.   The brand is something new to me therefore I grabbed this description from BDJ: Bioderma is a leading French skincare brand dedicated to truly caring for your skin. They have devoted over 4 decades worth of research to know how the skin works, in order to treat your skin the proper way.

Bioderma products included in the box are Sensibio H20, Sensibio DS+, Sebium AKN, Sensibio Light, Atoderm Intensive, Atoderm Preventive, Photoderm Max, Sebium Pore Refiner.  Also included in the box is The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain.

All contents of the box are in sample sizes except for The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain.  

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