Monday, July 13, 2015

I Survived 21K

Last Saturday is a day another day of first to me.  It was my first time to run for 21K and actually finished it. 

The day started with me waking up at 1230AM (yes, I was so excited).  I forced the hubby to join me in this fun run because I can’t be running alone. :P  The hubby and I went to CCP (the starting line) and arrived there an hour before gun start. 

All smiles before the race started.

I will not bore you with the route, but we were able to alternate running and walking until 15K.  From 15K until the finish line, 21K, we were walking. 

The weather was cooperative at first.  However, upon arriving at 13K, it started to drizzle, and it stopped abruptly.  But when we reached 18K, it rained hard – and we had no choice but to walk in the rain. 

Dark clouds ahead.

After 3 hours and 47 mins, we were able to finish the run.  J  Kudos to us!

I made it!

Now, what are the tips for newbie runners like me?

PRACTICE.  This is something we really wanted to do but failed to because of the non-stop rains due to the storms.  We were able to practice for only five times.  This is something we should have done religiously before the start of the fun run.

EAT BEFORE THE RUN.  We took a light meal before going to the fun run so we won’t get dizzy and sick.  You don’t have to eat too much since you might get appendicitis.  Light meal (bread or whatever you consider is light) will help you during the run.

RUN AND WALK.  There is no need to sprint.  Remember, you will need all your energy in running a half marathon race.  Sprinting will just exhaust all your energy (unless you want to win the race).  Walk if you need to because of exhaustion.  This is a fun run and you don’t want to end up in the hospital afterwards. 

ENJOY.  It was a good 3 hours and 47 mins of Mama and Papa time.  We run, talk, walk, bonded, laughed, and enjoyed the run.  We even smiled and paused sometime to the colleagues we meet along the way.

A side note:  One of the lawyers in our office was amazed I was able to finished 21K and I am not a runner.  He told me to practice more and try 42K next time.  I am not sure if I was motivated or if I was discouraged.  You see, I was sore yesterday and today.  Pain relievers are my friends for two days now.  But I will surely try running again.  Let’s cross our fingers that I can make the 42K J

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