Monday, July 20, 2015

Neo’s First Movie Date: The Minions

The hubby and I are not moviegoers.  We seldom watch movies in the cinema, but we do watch movies on DVDs – so we are not updated whenever there are new movies.  But two Saturdays ago was an exemption.  We watched a movie at the cinema with the little boy.   This is his first movie date with Mama and Papa (and Ate Espie too).

Papa and Neo.

To say that he was excited is an understatement.  He was so thrilled and excited, that days before the movie date, he was all talk about going to the cinema.  So even though both the hubby and I are sore from our fun run, we kept our promise, and brought him to the cinema to watch The Minions.

The Minions movie was so popular that weekend (it was the first weekend showing, it opened last Wednesday), and the line for the ticket booth was long.  I already bought our tickets at Ensogo, priced at Php120 each (original price Php200) because I’m a practical mama.  The seller at the ticket booth didn’t let us fall in line; instead she gave us our tickets.  I think maybe because, its already paid for.

We bought popcorns, French fries, and drinks for the movie.

Upon entry on the cinema, the little boy became afraid and cried and he badly wanted to get out.  Then Papa lent him his phone to play with before the movie started.  When the movie started rolling, Neo was all eyes and all ears.  He was laughing and even dancing in his seat whenever the small yellow creatures called Minions are dancing too. 

We had so much fun with the little boy.  I think family movie dates like this should also be in our calendar. J

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