Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Place in the City Called Blue Bay Walk

One fine Saturday, the Familia Nunag chance upon a place called Blue Bay Walk in Pasay when we had nowhere to go to.  This place is so much like Nuvali, but it’s just small.  It is a small park nothing too extraordinary except you can find it right in the middle of Pasay City.

You can see the buildings in the background.

Who would have thought you can relax and unwind just sitting in one of the benches of Blue Bay Walk while watching your kid run to his heart’s content and you don’t have to drive hours away because the place is just inside NCR?

Mommies like me can sit around while the kids run about.

There are different activities you and your kids can do.  There are rental ATVs and bikes which cost between Php100 to Php200 for two rounds. 

The little boy had fun circling around Blue Bay Walk using this four wheeled bike”?”

There’s also a small stall selling bubble maker costing Php110.  Neo enjoyed running after bubbles.

He also had so much fun running after bubbles.

The area is surrounded by shops and restaurants where you can eat if you feel hungry.

You can also bring bikes for your kids to play with.  Bring books to read while sitting in one of the benches or even the grasses.  Some brought badminton rackets to play with.  Pets also ran around happily in this wonderful place.

So if you want to relax within the city and smell fresh air without the hassle of driving so far, this is a place for you. J

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mandaue Foam Is On Sale Again!

It’s almost a year ago when I blogged about buying a sofa set at Mandaue Foam’s annual sale.  I am so satisfied with our sofa set that I already bookmarked this time of the year to go back at Mandaue Foam’s showroom at Las Pinas, because they are on sale again J

If you are a homemaker, a sale such as this is just like heaven for you.  Look at all the different furniture on sale at Mandaue Foam.

All sofas on 20% off!

Mattresses are on sale as much as 40% off.  

The little boy loves this Kiddie Sofa but it’s small for him na. 
All bed frames on 25% off! 
All wardrobes and cabinets on 25% off! 
All dining sets on 25% off! 

What’s really nice is that everything is on sale.  Even decors, lamps, side tables, linens and everything!  If it’s not on sale (which are the yellow tags), they are already marked down. 

So what are you waiting for?  Go and visit Mandaue Foam.  Sale is until August 31, 2015.

This is not a sponsored post. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Parenting Thought: Papa and Mama Time

Neo is already 44 months old.  Never in young his life had he experienced a 24-hour day without Papa or Mama.  During times that Papa is out of the country, Mama will be with Neo.  And during times that Mama is out of town, Papa is with Neo. 

I know it is vital for marriage that Papa and Mama spend some time together.  That Papa and Mama need to be together WITHOUT their kids so they can be lovey-dovey with each other.  But this Papa and Mama haven’t done that because admittedly, this Mama is not yet comfortable with the fact of leaving Neo (even to grandparents) just for one night because Neo is still Mama’s baby.

How can I resist this pa-cute little boy?

How can you leave your little boy when he does these things?  And these are just SOME scenarios.

Last July 11, Papa and Mama joined Manila BayClean-Up Fun Run and raced up to 21K.  We woke up early and was out of the house by 3AM (because call time is 4am).  Apparently, Neo woke up at 4AM and cried when he saw that it was still dark outside and Papa and Mama is no longer in bed (we co-sleep).  Ate Espie had to invent a story about Papa and Mama buying Minions Movie tickets so he would just stop crying. 

Another scenario that we have is very common during weekends.  Papa and Mama are dressed up because we are going to the buy groceries or run simple errands.  Neo had to shout and cry so loud that Papa and Mama had to either: bring Neo with us or get out as fast as we can and be back ASAP.

And when Papa and Mama went on a date night last Thursday and watch a Cinemalaya entry.  We also ate out.  We got home at 10PM.  We were expecting Neo to be asleep already.  But he wasn’t.  He was patiently waiting for Papa and Mama to arrive home.  When we were cuddling in bed, here’s our conversation:
Mama:  Neo, kumain ka na ba?
Neo: Opo. Tsaka nag-inom na ako ng milk.
Mama: Naghugas ka na din ng katawan?
Neo: Opo.
Mama: Bakit hindi ka pa natutulog?
Neo: Kasi antay ko kayo ni Papa.

Listening to this little boy say this, makes me wonder.  When will I ever swallow the guilt and have Papa and Mama Time?  Because as of now, I really can’t.

Monday, August 17, 2015

CCP and Cinemalaya 2015

Since I started working here at Pasay, close to where the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) is located, I had long to watch Cinemalaya.  Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is an annual film fest aimed to develop and promote Philippine independent films.  It normally runs for a week, and for this year, Cinemalaya was shown last August 8 to 15.

The hubby and I were scheduled to watch this year’s Cinemalaya on a Thursday night.  When we arrived at CCP, there are four (4) independent films that are to be shown that night:  Requieme (which we initially wanted to watch but is already sold out), Diablo (I don’t want to watch something scary because I read the synopsis and it looks scary to me), Da Dog Show, and The Ferry (a Chinese entry). 

We watched The Ferry.  It was a story about an old man who owns a small ferry boat and uses it to transport people across Dasha River without accepting any payment for doing it.  He got sick and it was a question of who will continue his “job”.  Then his son came home to spend his leave at work to be with his father.  During that time, the old man was able to teach his son all the values he learnt in life while ferrying people across the river.

It was a very meaningful story.  The story is so deep and so silent, and so sad, and it something I needed to use my brain so much to digest all of it.  After watching the film, I realized, this kind of movie isn’t for me.  This kind of movie is really for the movie enthusiasts who can watch and understand and do movie reviews and relate.

That was the first time I was able to enter CCP.  I have allergies, and could easily smell something odd in the building.  The hubby told me, it was because the building is old.  It was, yes.  But looking at the structure outside and how the building stood magnificently in the area, you wouldn’t think it was.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Girls with Glasses: A Topaz x Bobbi Brown Learning Workshop

Last Saturday, Bobbi Brown Philippines and one of my blogging idols, Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon and Topaz Mommy, held a learning workshop on how to make your eyes beautiful behind glasses.  This workshop is especially catered for Frances’ blog readers who are wearing glasses.

The workshop was held at Bobbi Brown SM Megamall.  It took us more than 2 hours travel from Cavite to Megamall, but it was all worth it.  Sometimes, a family down south needs to be out in the city as well J.

Different make-up lessons offered by Bobbi Brown. 
Bobbi Brown SM Megamall has a small classroom especially designed for make-up lessons.  Our make-up instructor is Tamara, who taught us a lot of things about eye make-up. 

Frances gladly volunteered to be our model. 

Let me summarized what I learned in bullet points and hope you get some tips as well.

o   Follow the order of applying eye make-up:  Corrector -> Concealer -> Eyeshadow (not necessary) -> Eye Liner -> Mascara -> Eye Brows.
o   A Corrector helps neutralized the darkness and you need to concentrate in your inner eye corner.  A Concealer helps brighten your eyes.  Remember: Glasses put shadow in your eyes.
o   Hydrate your under eye by applying eye cream.  This prevents powder from caking.
o   Apply eyeshadow using the three (3) essential eyeshadow shades: Light -> Mid tone brown shade -> Dark tone shade.
o   Apply eye liner in the lashes area. 
o   To apply eyeliner, put a mirror under your chin.  Your face should not be looking down; only your eyes.  It will be easier to apply the eyeliner using this method.
o   Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.  Use the blackest of black for mascara shade.
o   Use waterproof or no-smudge mascara so it won’t smudge on your eyeglasses.
o   Use the shade closest to your natural hair color for eyebrows.  DO NOT use black shade for your eyebrows.
o   It is important to not fight the frame color of your glasses.  Instead enhance it.

After the eye make-up lesson, we were given a chance to try for ourselves. 

Look, you can see my eyes has gotten bigger behind the glasses.

Overall, eye make-up for girls with glasses is all about definition. 

Here I am with my mommy blogging peg, Frances J

Thank you Frances and Bobbi Brown Ph for the make-up workshop. J

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