Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Girls with Glasses: A Topaz x Bobbi Brown Learning Workshop

Last Saturday, Bobbi Brown Philippines and one of my blogging idols, Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon and Topaz Mommy, held a learning workshop on how to make your eyes beautiful behind glasses.  This workshop is especially catered for Frances’ blog readers who are wearing glasses.

The workshop was held at Bobbi Brown SM Megamall.  It took us more than 2 hours travel from Cavite to Megamall, but it was all worth it.  Sometimes, a family down south needs to be out in the city as well J.

Different make-up lessons offered by Bobbi Brown. 
Bobbi Brown SM Megamall has a small classroom especially designed for make-up lessons.  Our make-up instructor is Tamara, who taught us a lot of things about eye make-up. 

Frances gladly volunteered to be our model. 

Let me summarized what I learned in bullet points and hope you get some tips as well.

o   Follow the order of applying eye make-up:  Corrector -> Concealer -> Eyeshadow (not necessary) -> Eye Liner -> Mascara -> Eye Brows.
o   A Corrector helps neutralized the darkness and you need to concentrate in your inner eye corner.  A Concealer helps brighten your eyes.  Remember: Glasses put shadow in your eyes.
o   Hydrate your under eye by applying eye cream.  This prevents powder from caking.
o   Apply eyeshadow using the three (3) essential eyeshadow shades: Light -> Mid tone brown shade -> Dark tone shade.
o   Apply eye liner in the lashes area. 
o   To apply eyeliner, put a mirror under your chin.  Your face should not be looking down; only your eyes.  It will be easier to apply the eyeliner using this method.
o   Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.  Use the blackest of black for mascara shade.
o   Use waterproof or no-smudge mascara so it won’t smudge on your eyeglasses.
o   Use the shade closest to your natural hair color for eyebrows.  DO NOT use black shade for your eyebrows.
o   It is important to not fight the frame color of your glasses.  Instead enhance it.

After the eye make-up lesson, we were given a chance to try for ourselves. 

Look, you can see my eyes has gotten bigger behind the glasses.

Overall, eye make-up for girls with glasses is all about definition. 

Here I am with my mommy blogging peg, Frances J

Thank you Frances and Bobbi Brown Ph for the make-up workshop. J


  1. Wow! Frances!! Buti ka pa Sis nakita mo na mga idol ko sa personal.

    In terms of make up, sa youtube ako kumukuha ng techniques. Like how to put on liquid eyeliner, etc. But it would be different siguro if tinuturuan ka ng personal, + with your blogger idol. Yay! Happy for you Sis.

    1. Hi sis, I was super excited talaga to attend the workshop because I get to meet Frances (and I love attending workshops talaga because I learn a lot). Frances is so sweet. She reminds me so much of a dear friend.


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