Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jolly Cow’s Mommy and Kids Day Out

It was so long ago, and I really can’t remember exactly the day, that Neo and I went out as just Mama and Neo alone.  It has always been Mama, Papa, and Neo.  This is why I was so excited when Jolly Cow invited me and Neo to join Jolly Cow’s Mommy and Kids Day out last September 5.

Our day started early.  We were to gather at Fly Ace Building at Pasay at 8AM.  Neo and I arrived 30 minutes early and were greeted by this bus. 

It’s like a field trip! J

We were then ushered by Fly Ace representatives to their office.  There, we waited for other mommy bloggers to arrive.  Neo had so much energy running around.  After almost an hour wait, we rode the bus that served as us service for the day.  During the travel, we were treated by snacks (burger and Jolly Cow milk).

And the little boy loved it!

We arrived at our first destination: Art in Island at Cubao after less than an hour drive.  Mommies and kids were given almost 2 hours to roam around this two-story building of art.  

By 12 noon, we all headed to Gateway Mall and had our lunch at Burgoo.  During the lunch time, mommies and kids were treated to some intermission numbers.  What better  intermission to catch the kids and kids-at-heart’s attention than a magician and a puppeteer?  The kids and moms had fun watching them. 

Everyone was entertained. 

Then, Mr. Regi Santos, of Jolly Cow, Fly Ace Corporation, introduced Jolly Cow products to mommies.  Jolly Cow products are sourced from Germany.  Mr. Regi explained the steps that Jolly Cow has to go through from production to delivery.

Photo from Jolly Cow fb page.

After eating and being entertained, mommies and kids gather at Gateway Cinema to watch a block screening of Inside Out.  We were given snacks and drinks to munch while watching.

Lakas makasosyal ng lazy boy.

Thanks, Jolly Cow and Fly Ace Corporation for treating Mama and Neo a fantastic Mommy and Kid’s Day Out!  We had so much fun! J

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