Friday, September 4, 2015

Neo and The Pang-Masa Style Birthday Party

Long before different fast food chains introduced their birthday packages, we already have the birthday party pang-masa style.  This birthday party is held in the street in front of the celebrant’s home instead of classy event’s venue.  Where the food served were foods cooked home-style by the celebrant’s parents and relatives.  Where the decorations are just tarpaulin and balloons.  Where the official photographer is the Tita or Tito of the celebrant.  Where the sounds are from videoke machines that the celebrant rented.

Wacky pose with Lolo Jun.

This is the typical pang-masa style birthday party.  This is no longer as popular today as it used to be.  And Neo is so fortunate to be able to attend one last August 30.  

It was the first birthday of Neo’s third cousin.  We arrived before the official start of party and Neo instantly felt relaxed.  He was able to enjoy and play with the other kids.

He participated in all activities and games.

Participating in the longest line game.

He participated in the pabitin game.  He was so excited.

But he ended crying when he wasn’t able to get one.  Lolo Jun to the rescue giving him his own treat and wiping Neo’s crying face.

He ate on his own.  J

He ended the day by trying to sing (I think he was reciting a poem) in the videoke machine.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to capture it. 

It was so fun attending a birthday party like this with Neo.  He didn’t even want to go home after the party.  To say that he had so much fun is an understatement.  J

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