Thursday, September 24, 2015

Redecorating A Blank Wall

Remember when I posted about our living room wall that we temporarily decorated with my son’s 1st birthday banner?  The little boy look so cute in it that we just decided to keep it until either of the two happen (1) the adhesive tape sticks out or (2) we decide to redecorate and give our home a nice new living room wall make over.

Both reasons happened, and after two years, the wall is now back to blank.   And what better way to search for ideas about home decoration than browsing online? 

As I was browsing some ideas online, I came across Sammy Dress, an online shop that offers affordable and wide variety of different things.  I came upon various decors I would love to have in that blank wall in our home.

The clock above is priced at only $8.92 and is perfect to my minimalist theme.  It looks so nice and regal.

And I was thinking of adding a few bits of this beautiful 3D Flowers Wall Sticker Mirror Art Decal PVC Paper that cost $1.71 for 12pcs (quite a steal!).  And these are DIYs so I will have fun doing this myself or maybe creating an activity with this with my son (but then again, flowers might not be his thing).

Then I realized, I have a little boy and he’ll love something like this 3D football in his own bedroom.  But I have to stick to my initial plan which is to re-decorate the blank wall we have at our living room first.  But I think I can save the link for future use. J

I was so engrossed browsing for possible home decors as there are a lot to choose from.  And some are Do-It-Yourself decors, which I like to do.  What do you think?  Any suggestions on how I decorate my blank wall in the living room?

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