Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Fun Family Day at Nuvali

Nuvali is a big place.  We’ve been here quite a few times already but have not really appreciated the place because all we do is eat as a family and then go home.  But one fine Saturday, we were able to visit this place without rushing. 

We initially went to Paseo Sta. Rosa, a shopping district just 5 minute drive from Nuvali because we entered Sta Rosa from SLEX, and this area comes first.  We roamed around but we didn’t stay long.  If you are planning to go shopping for branded items, Paseo is a good place for you.  It has a lot of outlet stores of branded apparels, and most of them (some 70% of the goods) are on sale.

After a quick tour at Paseo, we went directly to Nuvali. 

We went to feed the Koi fishes.  Neo had so much fun doing this.  The fish feeds are available at a small kiosk costing Php15.oo per pack. 

Can you see all those orange things in the pond?  That’s all Koi fishes!  And its just one part of Nuvali.  It’s an invasion! Kaloka.   And they’re all hungry. 

Then we walk and roam around the area.  You can ride a boat (not sure for how much), which will tour you on a small man-made lake.  Or ride a bike.  We wanted to try this with Neo, but I don’t think they offer small bikes for kids as rental.

We just contented ourselves in sitting in the small park-like area along the man-made lake.  It was so refreshing.  But you need to bring your picnic mat or blanket.  The grass gets itchy at some point.

Bumming about.

Then we went to Solenad 3 looking for the Kidzoona, Nuvali.  We want Neo to try it but during our quest for Kidzoona, the little boy got distracted by this playground.  It sits in the middle of the newly opened Ayala Mall and it's rubberized (just like Middle Road Children’s Playground in HongKong).  So Nice. 

Can you spot Neo?

Mama and Papa just sat in one of the benches while Neo had so much fun playing with other kids.  This boy is really sociable.  It was a really fun family day, and we’d love to go back at Nuvali again, just bumming around.

PS:  We were able to locate Kidzoona and was astounded that the line for this play area is too long.  Apparently it is so famous for kids and kids-at-heart. 

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