Thursday, October 1, 2015

Neo Invades Art in Island

One of the activities Neo and I did during the Jolly Cow Mommy and Kid’s Day Out was visiting Art In Island.  Art in Island is a two-story building located in Araneta, Cubao featuring 3D art.

Upon entrance, you will be asked to remove your shoes.  There is a shoe counter where you can deposit and leave you shoe.  We were advised to bring socks but you can roam around without one.

Art in Island is a place any photography enthusiast will love.  The whole place has nothing but art - 3D art to be exact.  I think this place has more than 50 different 3D arts you can pose around for pictures. 

My angel. 

This place is a good bonding place for the family.  Kids and kids-at-heart will have fun posing and goofing around different 3D arts.  Though I think, and would suggest, you bring kids 6 years and up so they can really appreciate the place.   Neo loved the place, but there are arts that scare him.  So the pictures of him are on arts he likes only. 

It was the little boy who took my photos in these pictures. J

Art in Island is open Tuesday to Sundays from 930AM to 930PM.  Admission Fee is Php5oo for Adults and Php4oo for Students.  They have birthday promos as well.  And if you want to go back, you can keep your tickets to get 50% discount when you return.

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