Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yakimix Macapagal

October marks Papa Leo’s birthday – and because of that, the Familia Nunag had another chance to have a foodie blast.   We celebrated Papa Leo’s birthday at Yakimix Macapagal branch.

A lot of you is very familiar with Yakimix since it is famous for being a smokeless grill restaurant.  They have a lot of branches but we decided to try the one at Hobbies, Macapagal because they have an on-going promotion that would last until the end of October. 

Since this branch of Yakimix is I think the least popular of all because of the location, we were able to book a group of 7 people just a day before we actually dined in.  The location of Hobbies Macapagal is not difficult to find though.  If you are familiar with Seaside Macapagal, that the same location of Yakimix Macapagal.

We arrived just in time for the grace period for reservation.  We were seated ASAP.  The area is not so big, but is really comfortable. 

Check out the different photos of foods that were offered during our visit.

There is just one flaw when we were there.  The grill in our table was malfunctioning.  When everyone was enjoying their meals, we were just trying to light up our grill.  The restaurant staff tried fixing our grill for 5 times before it actually worked.  We were already losing our patience because we kept on asking for staff to fix the grill.  They offered to transfer us seat (after the 5th time they “tried” to fix the grill). 

Ang salarin.

Good thing that aside from grilling, there are cooked foods we can eat while we check if the fire is still burning in our grill.  With a nice ambiance, courteous staffs, and delicious foods, sans the faulty grill, Yakimix Macapagal is a place we would love to go back again.

And we don't want the faulty grill (or lpg or starter or whichever fault is that) dampen our spirits.  We still had a good time, we ate a lot, we catch-up with stories, and we laughed so much.  Family bonding is best done with good food and good talk J

Our happy family J


  1. Oh! Nakaka bad vibes yung grill hehe. Anyway, it was still a great experience for your family. Saw you on MBPs Halloween nahiya akong lapitan ka. Hehe =)

    1. Yup, it was a nice experience pa din minus the grill lang. BTW, anong costume ni baby mo sa MBP Halloween? I wasnt able to roam around sa mga mommies. Everyone was so busy sa kiddos :P


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