Monday, November 9, 2015

Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza is an annual event focused on helping brands and bloggers to get to know each other.  This is an event where as many as 5oo registered bloggers unite and get to be familiar with different brands.  This is my 3rd time to attend Blogapalooza that happened last October 25, Sunday at One Esplanade.  You can read my first and second experience here and here, respectively.

And since this is my third year in a row, I already had an idea what to expect and what not to.  What I expected was to get to know different brands and mingle with different bloggers I know online. 

So what can I say about Blogapalooza 2015?

·         Venue:  Blogapalooza 2015 is more different than the Blogapalooza 2013 and 2014 as both were held at SM Aura SMX.  As for Blogapalooza 2015, it was held at One Esplanade, a slightly smaller venue than SM Aura SMX.  Though the place is not crowded, you can really feel the difference on both venues.

·         Theme:  Blogapalooza 2015 is now a themed event  and thus, the brands are more creative with their booths.  The two previous Blogapalooza I attended don’t have a theme and the brands’ booths are just lined up like in the bazaars. 

“Seasons” is this year’s theme.

·         Brands:  Blogapalooza 2015 has fewer brands compared to Blogapalooza 2014 (which by far has the most number of brands participating, in my opnion).  But I felt all the same interactions: only few (I can count by both hand) brand representatives are willing to explain and let bloggers be acquainted to their products.  Most of the brand representatives just let bloggers register and give us tokens in the form of ballpens, pins, etc.  Some would let bloggers play the games they prepared without even explaining the product/brand they have.  They took time explaining the games, not the brands L  Sana they focused on their brands.

I won a game by Victoria Court, one of the brands present at the event.

·         Bloggers:  According to Blogapalooza’s website, more than 600 bloggers registered.  Higher than the past Blogapaloozas I attended.  But the venue was not really crowded, even though it was small.  It must be because the brands are few so some bloggers, like me, didn’t stay too long.

Ace Water Spa was one of the brands who gave out generous freebies. 

·         Food: Blogapalooza 2013 had a catered food, thanks to Congo Grille and Karate Kid who sponsored the lunch.  Overflowing coffee was also served.  For Blogapalooza 2014, Yellow Cab was very generous in sponsoring pizzas.  I was so stuffed fvrom morning to evening because Yellow Cab didn’t run out of pizzas for everyone.  Krispy Kreme was there too to give donuts.  But for Blogapalooza 2015, I wasn’t able to grab a bite (even a small one).  I think there’s a booth that offers free taste of lechon for bloggers but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste it. L

That’s my takeaway on Blogapalooza 2015; which is like a comparison of the previous Blogapaloozas I attended.  It’s not the best Blogapalooza, but I’ll surely be going to the next year pa din J

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