Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Wife, Happy Life

It’s November again, the time of the year when Leo and I would attend the yearly marriage seminar sponsored by our church, Victory Dasmarinas.  This year’s marriage seminar is entitled “Happy Wife, Happy Life” – and that is because our speaker was none other than Chinkee Tan, the wealth and life coach.

Even though both Leo and I were dead tired the night before (I just came back from official work travel to Cagayan de Oro and my patient husband fetch me from NAIA after 2 hours flight delayed), we were all set to attend.  We were a bit late but my parents saved both of us a seat.

Chinkee Tan generously gave us advice regarding marriage.  He tackled all about the myths of marriage, the dos and donts, and a lot more.  The seminar was set for 3 hours only (very bitin).  But with all the points Chinkee discussed about marriage, all I remembered are the three points he focused on as the reasons why marriage fails.

Lack of Communication – At the beginning of the seminar, Chinkee asked the audience on what they can say as the perfect marriage.  Most of the participants answered: a perfect marriage is one with a lot of good communication.  Men and women are created differently.  The only way we can meet halfway is by communicating.

Lack of Intimacy – Intimacy equals to S-E-X.  Yes, this is a very vital part of any marriage.  And I don’t think it needs any more explanation.

Lack of Money – More than 50% of failed marriages are due to lack of money.  

Our marriage isn’t perfect – far from it, actually.  We fight and we argue because we are not perfect individuals and because we were brought up differently.  But putting God in the center of our marriage has not only helped us, but became the binding force of our marriage.  Attending marriage seminars yearly also helps us understand each other more and reminds us how we may not be perfect individuals but are perfect for each other.

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