Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dengue Prevention

It has been over three months when Neo’s school required them to wear pants whenever they go to school.  No more school uniform.  They can only wear PE Uniform (as it is made of t-shirt and jogging pants) and on some days t-shirt pairing with maong pants.  This is what they call “Dengue Uniform”.  Why?  It is because Cavite has been on Red Alert on Dengue for over three months already. 

Being a paranoid mom, and a firm believer of the proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, I put up all measure to ensure that all of my family members, especially Neo, protected against the deadly dengue.  I’d rather spend a lot on preventing my love ones in acquiring dengue than exhausting all my energies trying to cure them from the disease.  

So what are the different things I did (bought) to help us fight dengue?

Mosquito Patches – even before the dengue red alert, I am a fan of mosquito patches.  I am not sure what’s with Neo, but this little boy is very attractive to mosquito (and all things insects).  He gets bites out of nowhere.  So I love sticking mosquito patches in his clothes, and the cute designs don’t hurt either since he likes them J

Insecticide Sprays – I am a user of insecticide sprays for as long as I can remember.  And I’m not very particular with brands.  As long as the insecticide spray is odorless, I’m good with it J

Citronella Sprays – This is something new I saw in the grocery.  It is something I spray around the house so mosquitoes won’t love our house.

Mosquito Mat – This is also another one I saw in the grocery.  But we only use it during evening.  Just plug it like an appliance (it doesn’t smell so much so I’m not sure if its effective or not).

Citronella Plant – Being a paranoid mom, I also bought a citronella plant.  We replanted small plants to display it at home, but unluckily, it died.  So we just planted one outside and from time to time, we chop off some leaves, mince it and put it in a small jar.  The small jar with minced citronella leaves resides in our pantry.

I am not a fan of anti-mosquito lotions, but when Neo was still a toddler, I normally slather him with it.  I think I should bring back the habit.  How about you?  Can you suggest some more tips to help me fight dengue within our household?

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