Saturday, December 12, 2015

Divisoria Christmas Decors Shopping

Neo is 4 years old.  He is no longer a stranger to what Christmas means to kids – that is gift giving and Christmas decors.  As early as October, when a lot of areas (from our neighbors to the malls to wherever we bring him, even in television) have been putting up Christmas decors, Neo would always bug all of us that it’s pasko already, and he’ll be grabbing our Christmas decors stocks under the stairs. 

Because we were all busy with work, decorating our house went below our to-do list.  Christmas décor shopping was not a priority.  I would browse at malls for Christmas decors – particularly Christmas tree - but would not buy one because we weren’t decided yet to get one.  We will be using it for years so we needed something that’s durable.  So when we finally decided on what Christmas tree we wanted, the malls no longer has stock for it L

That is when the hubby and I agreed to visit Divisoria.  We were up so early so as not to get stuck in traffic.  We parked at the Lucky China Town.  Parking rates before mall hours is Php1oo for the first 3 hours and Php5o each hour after (if it’s mall hours: Php5o for the first 3 hours and Php2o each hour after).  The hubby wanted a secure place to park the car because he’d rather pay the parking fee than pay the damage of parking unsecured.

We toured Divisoria in finding the perfect Christmas tree for our home.  And I was really glad we did.  Why?  The Christmas tree I was eyeing at the mall is a 7ft needle type green-colored tree.  It costs Php3,899.oo at the mall.   We were able to buy the same kind of tree at Divisoria for only Php1,4oo.oo! J 

Christmas Trees in different variants, colors, and sizes.

And thanks to saving a lot from the Christmas tree, I was able to buy some Christmas decors too.  And since I saw a lot of Michaela outlet stalls at 168, I decided to buy something for gifts well.  But of course the little boy got a treat too J

Here’s our shopping lot that day.

7ft Needle Type Christmas tree costing Php1,4oo.
Garlands (Php13o per bundle) and poinsettias  (Php15o-2oo for 12pcs).
Christmas tree decors at 3 for Php1oo.
Michaela loots.  Sorry, can’t show the exact thing because I’m giving it as a gift.

And our Christmas tree J

The little boy just wanted a picture beside the tree.

Happy Holidays!

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