Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Neo!

Four years ago, our house was so still and quite.  Now it’s chaos everywhere.

Four years ago, our house was so clean and it looks so pure.  Now its toys and food crumbles everywhere.

Four years ago, I shop for my clothes, shoes, bags, and all for me.  Now I go directly to the kids section and find something for little boys.

Four years ago, I don’t bother if the refrigerator has food or not, we can always eat out.  Now, our refrigerator is full of everything a little kid would need and want to eat.

Four years ago, I choose where I want to eat whenever we’re out.  Now Jollibee and McDonald’s is where we eat most of the time.

Four years ago, I love to take on any daredevil and dangerous activity because I want to experience it.  Now I need to think twice and a lot more times, because I cannot be risking my life or health.

Four years ago, I don’t mind if I am home early or not.  Now I make sure to go home as early as I can because someone’s waiting for my arrival.

These are just some of the changes I experienced since four years ago.   Because four years ago, my life literally turned upside down.  But I am not complaining.  The reason of the change has made me so happily blessed.  I cannot ask for a better blessing.  Thank you, Neo, for coming into Mama’s life and making Mama one blessed person.  Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy 4th birthday Neo!! It was so nice meeting your mama dati kasi sa photos lang dito sa blog hehe. =)

    1. Thanks, Mommy Jen! :) It was nice meeting you too.


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