Monday, December 28, 2015

Neo’s 4th Birthday Celebration

My darling little, no-longer-a-baby, boy turned four years old last December 8.  Hooray, we already have a preschooler.  But on the other side, I feel so sad that my Neo is no longer a baby.  Time flies so fast.  Really fast.  

I wish I could stop, or maybe slow down, the time to savor his entire baby to toddler moment a little bit more.  Much as I am so proud of all his milestones and progress, there will always be a time of the day when I stop and think that how did all these things happen in a blink of an eye?  When did my baby, who knows nothing but sleep, eat, and poop, learned the art of recall?  How did he learn to remember that when he was 2 years old, we gave him a Pocoyo party?  Or the Thomas and Friends party he had when he was 3 years old?  This little guy amazes me more and more each day.

And because he recalls all his past birthdays, save for his first one, he now have a standard on where he based his 4th birthday celebration.  The hubby and I don’t really have a plan for his birthday because 1) we are busy workwise and 2) Neo is already 4 years old so we don’t think a party is something of a necessity.  But then, our little boy started telling us he wanted a Mcqueen themed celebration AND he wanted to blow his cake in his classroom.  No parent will have a heart to say no to a request like that, right?

So a week before Neo’s birthday, we searched for Mcqueen decors we could use around the house and we had a hard time.  Apparently, Lightning Mcqueen is no longer the fad for boys during birthdays.  It’s either Avengers or Jack the Pirate.  So a day before Neo’s birthday, we scoured World Bazaar for Mcqueen toys we can use as cake topper and printed birthday banner for Neo.

We had two small celebrations.  One in Neo’s classroom where we brought Jollibee meal for the kids, teachers, and staffs, and a small cake where he blew his candles after his classmates sang him a birthday song.

The second small celebration is in our home.  We served home-cooked food.  We decorated the place with balloons and a small highway (made of black cartolina and double-sided adhesive, an idea I got from Topaz Mommy). 

My little boy was a happy kid on that day.  And as parents, my husband and I, are happier.  Happy Birthday Neo!  Please don’t grow up so fast, anak.


  1. Awww... Ang laki na talaga ni Neo. I can't wait to see Jami going to school although sad din kasi big boy na. Hehe! Belated Happy birthday Neo =)

    1. Thanks Mommy Jen. Kung pwede lang natin i-pause ung time para hindi masyadong mabilis e. hehe :P

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