Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

From our Family to Yours, Merry Christmas! 🌲🌲🌲

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator

It’s the Christmas season again, the time of the year when Filipino families gather and enjoy parties as part of their Christmas tradition.  Good food and drinks are always part of these Christmas traditions.  Abundance of several holiday favorites is sometimes a dilemma before and after the gatherings.  Most homemakers, with all the excitement that comes with hosting and attending parties, has two concerns in mind: food storage and potential left overs.

Your Christmas Helper

During the most hectic parties, you always need an efficient and reliable assistant.  The new Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator [SJ-FTS08AVS-SL, SJ-FTS09AVS-SL] can be of help.  It is equipped with a spacious two-way fresh room that when closed, serves as chiller that cools the compartment rapidly for perfectly chilled drinks.  It is also complete with big door pockets to accommodate tall and large bottles of beverages, adjustable freezer shelves for maximum storage, a large vegetable compartment for all your fresh ingredients, and tempered glass shelves that is strong enough to hold up to 100kg worth of items.  The Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator also has a built-in Ag+Cu Nano deodorizer that effectively suppresses and eliminates strong lingering odors inside the fridge – preserving flavor, freshness, and taste of all food stored.  

Feel Extra Festive for Less

Aside from all the features mentioned above, the Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator is powered by the engineering of the J-Tech Inverter, it has a 32-step rotation compressor speed that gives optimum, even, and fast cooling performance to ensure that you and your guests only drink the coolest beverage and eat the freshest food.

It also has an enhanced unique Extra Eco Mode button which allows the fridge to adjust to the most appropriate cooling temperature whenever there are few items inside.  With the less excessive work of producing unused and unnecessary cool air, and in using LED Lighting, it can save up to 46% on energy which truly affirms the durable, efficient, and masterful design system only Japan technology can bring.  It also has the 7 Shields Protection to withstand any hazards like vibration, fire, and instability.

With all its unique functions and features, Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator can be your Christmas helper and watch as it transform your typical Christmas party into a merrier and less stressful one.

For more information, you can visit Sharp’s official website:, Sharp Philippines in facebook, and on Instagram.  Or visit any authorized Sharp dealers near you. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

My MBP Gift Swap Experience

Three years ago, I started blogging as a means of letting my in-laws know of our activities here in Manila since we live away from them.  Now, blogging evolved as a hobby to me, and I blog as a passion.  I became a member of a lot of online communities for bloggers and one of my favorite online communities is Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP).  It is an online community of mommy bloggers with over 600 members. 

MBP has created a lot of events, and I am happy to say that I have attended most of them.  Most of these events are intimate just like the MBP Christmas Party 2016.  Thus, not all mommy bloggers were able to attend.  Good thing the nice ladies managing the MBP community thought about MBP Gift Swap

MBP Gift Swap is an exchange gift within the members of MBP.   Around 50 mommies participated in the MBP Gift Swap.  My MBP Gift Swap recipient is Berlin of  I gifted her with Chinkee Tan’s Why God Wants You to Prosper.  I love reading books and this book is really something nice to read.

I am the MBP Gift Swap recipient of Joey of .  Here’s what I received from her.  She gave me a lot of reading materials both for Neo and me! J

I do blog hops, but since a lot of bloggers have already emerged, I haven’t been introduced to a lot.  This is a very nice chance to read and be introduced to Joey’s blog.  It was nice to know that Joey is also a foodie like me who loves to try different restaurants and various foods.  But what really amazes me about her is that she’s an ajumma!  I love watching Korean dramas when time permits, and am glad I found her blog. 

Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines’ MBP Gift Swap as we get to know more about the other mommies in the Philippines who share the same passion as we do: blogging.

PS:  Let me also thank several generous sponsors will give gifts to top 10 MBP Gift Swap participants.  These are: Contadina, Tupperware, Lorenzana Lorins Patis and Lorins Bagoong Alamang Guisado, myPhone Watch, Villa del Conte Chocolates, Arla, and Poetry Magnets

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sony Fair at Bonifacio High Street

Sony, one of the most trusted brand of the Filipinos when it comes to gadgets, celebrates its 70 years in the industry.  As part of its celebration, Sony introduces its first SONY FAIR that will run from December 9 to 18 at Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig.  Sony Fair will showcase Sony’s different flagship products in several categories.   Fun and exciting activities, as well as workshops are also in-store for participants.  

An event passport will be given to participants.  Get it stamped in every booth you visit to get amazing prizes.

For now, let me walk you through the different booths that you can see at the Sony Fair.

Hi-Res Car Audio Booth features the Sony RSX-G59 and Sony MEX-XB100BT for car audio. 

Bravia Booth showcases Sony Bravia’s X93000D that offers clear picture quality with its super thin design, state of the art colors, contrast, and textures.  You may also enjoy Bravia Movie Nights on evenings of December 10, 11, 17, and 18.

Next to Sony Bravia’s booth is Sony PlayStation booth.  Displayed in here is the Sony PlayStation with VR set. 

Next stop is the Sony Extra Bass and Hi-Res Booths that showcases top of the line personal audio devices.

Sony Digital Imaging booth gives us a feel of the Alpha and Cyber-Shot cameras that will inspire photographers and content creators. 

Lastly, the Sony Xperia booth showcases the new flagship mobile phone of Sony which is Xperia XZ.  It’s a smartphone that delivers the best mobile experience for mobile users.

Below is the list of activities on respective dates.  Mark it in your calendars and don’t forget to visit the Sony Fair.

I'm ending this blog post with a picture of me and the cute mascot of Sony. J

Sunday, December 11, 2016

MBP Christmas Party 2016

The merriest time of the year has come!  It’s the Christmas season again.  Christmas parties are everywhere.  The first Christmas party I attended this year is MBP’s Christmas Party last Saturday at the Pancake House, Tomas Morato.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines, or MBP, is an online community of mommy bloggers, which I am a proud member of.  This is the third year in a row that MBP hosted a Christmas Party for its members.  I am lucky enough to be able to attend all three parties.  Click here to read about the first MBP Christmas Party and click here for the second one.

This year’s color theme: Green, Silver, or White.

As with the first two MBP Christmas Parties, the third one this year was a blast.  The venue was beautifully decorated by BuzyBee Bouquets and Balloons.  Delicious foods were served by The Pancake House.  Prizes were raffled off and giveaways were given by the generous sponsors namely: Robinsons Supermarket, eGetinnz, Tupperware, GreatExpectations and Maternity, Coconut George, Lorenzana, My Phone, Human HeartNature, San Pedro BBQ Sauce Atbp, Shopback, Downy, Mommy Mundo, and CusinaDishwashing.  Photo memories of the event were capture by When Worlds Collide.

This event was a very intimate one but this didn’t hinder the mommies to have fun.  The events place of Pancake House was full of laughter.   It was one memorable event for the members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines.  Below is picture of mommy bloggers who attended the Christmas Party.

*Some photos are taken from When Worlds Collide FB page. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, My Dear Neo!

Happy Birthday, my dear Neo!  You are a big boy now but you will always be Mama's little baby.  Thank you for being Mama's biggest blessing.  Always remember that Papa and Mama loves you so much!  😙😙😙

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Lunch Visit at F Café of F1 Hotel

Sometime last October, we dined at F Café.  F Café is the in-house restaurant of F1 Hotel, a hotel located at BGC, Taguig.  We went there after the MBP Mad HatterHalloween Party, which was held at The Mind Museum at BGC too.  Since I decided to have our lunch there a week prior to our visit, and as a practical person, I bought vouchers at Deal Grocer (one of my favorite group buying site).  The vouchers were priced at 50% off but we need to reserve a slot 3 days before the day of the actual dining.

We parked at the basement parking of F1 Hotel.  The elevators indicated that we need to go to the 3rd floor as that is where F Café was located.  There’s a small lobby for the restaurant.  We were ushered to our seat the moment we hand over our vouchers.

The restaurant looks very nice but very small.  Our family has been to hotel restaurants that offer buffet dining, and F Café has the smallest area and the least food selection. 

They offer limited choices of food, and I am sad to say that my little boy wasn’t able to eat save for the small piece of cake and ice cream. 

However, what F Café lack in variety they compensated with taste.  As with other hotel buffets, F Café’s foods are one of the most delicious I had ever tasted.  Hotel buffets have the tastiest foods, no? 

The service is also impeccable.  We didn’t need to ask for coffee or tea after our dining as the staff offered it the moment they saw we were done savoring the buffet foods. 

We had a nice experience dining at F Café, but if you asked me if dining at F Café will give you a good value for your money, I would have to tell you otherwise.  The food taste good, the venue looks nice, and the staffs are attentive, but if you go to a buffet, you really want to taste a variety of food and the limited food choices offered by F Café does not give the money you paid for it a good value.  Maybe a price reduction or perhaps adding for more food choices would make a good idea.  But during this dine in, I am glad we bought vouchers at Deal Grocer for the half price deal! :) 

F Café buffet price is Php1399. 

The family that eats together, gets happy tummies together. J

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Neo at Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative

Early this year, Top Gear Philippines announced that there’s an on-going Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative.  Because Neo loves cars too much, this is something I would like for him to try.  So when I saw that Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative will be part of Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary Halloween Party, we immediately put it in our calendar.

After the Halloween Party at Summit Ridge events hall, we went outside the lobby where the Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative was located.  It has four (4) main components.

REGISTRATION.  Parents register their kids to participate in the course.  Part of the registration is the taking the kid’s picture and personal information for their Junior Driver’s License.

SEMINAR.  After registration, the kids were ushered to a hall for the driving seminar.  Our little boy was lucky as it was former LTO chief Alberto Suansing who led his Junior Safety Seminar.  The kids were taught basic traffic rules and regulations.

PRACTICE DRIVING COURSE. Once done with the seminar, kids can now apply what they learned in the driving course.  The driving course is composed of makeshift routes and buildings, traffic lights, and road signs.  Kids drove around using kiddie Volkswagen cars.

DRIVERS LICENSE RELEASE.  After completing the registration, seminar, and practice driving course, kids were given their very own Volkswagen Junior Driver’s License.

After the activity, parents were also given a handbook entitled Child Safety Initiative.  This is to aid parents in teaching our kids how to be more vigilant in the roads.  Learning always starts in our own home.   

This is a very nice activity that can help kids.  Neo enjoyed it a lot while learning.  I hope there will be more activities such as this one that my little boy can participate.

PS: Being a wife to a car enthusiast and a mom to a future car enthusiast, I do follow websites and facebook pages about cars. J

Monday, November 28, 2016

Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary! Halloween Party

Last October 30, the Nunag Family attended Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary! Halloween Party.  We don’t have any Halloween events to attend except MBP’s Mad Hatter Halloween Party, so we decided to go to Tagaytay and look for an event there.  I really want to bring Neo to a lot of events since 2 years from now I know he will no longer enjoy this type of events.

The time stated in Summit Ridge’s website was 11am to 3pm.  Since it’s a Sunday, we first went to Victory Tagaytay to attend the church service before going to Summit Ridge.  We arrived at Summit Ridge almost 12pm.  The registration area was a little bit chaotic.  Apparently, the event was a walk-in one.  The day before I called the hotel’s hotline to reserve for this event, and inform the registration about this.  They told me that it’s just for the tickets (I am not sure what it meant, but I can only assume that the reservation was nonsense as it was not required during the registration).  We paid Php599 for each adult (lunch buffet included), kids 0-6 are free of charge, while kids 7-12 pays half price.

Little Spidey’s at Summit Ridge. 

If the registration area was quite chaotic, this is nothing compared to the main function hall.  The guests who were admitted to the Halloween party was too much for the area to handle.  Some guests (we included) were not able to grab a table and chair because the seating capacity was already maximized.  We requested the hotel personnel to provide us a table, and they produced one, for sharing.  Our table, which was supposed to seat 4 people, was shared by 6. 

The program started almost 1pm.  There’s a costume contest, a puppet show, a magic show, and some games.  The kids enjoyed the program.  My little Neo did.

It was past 1pm when the buffet area was filled with food.  As if the chaos inside wasn’t enough, when the people started lining up and getting the food, it became worse.  Manners were forgotten, must be because it’s past mealtime and people were hungry already.  Some foods were not refilled ASAP.  Only the main course area has attendants.  The salad area, drinks area, and the desserts area were not manned.  So some guests forgot their proper conduct and just grab the food that they can.  Some even took hold of the whole tray of food.  It was really chaotic. 

Cute cupcakes. 

 We were able to eat past 2pm.  And please don’t even ask for the taste of the food.  L  Neo only ate two brownies and went back to playing with the other kids. 

The program concluded with a trick or treat.  Kids were given a loot bag consisting of three (3) small junk food pouches.  Neo was a happy kid to be able to get one. 

Then we proceeded to the hotel lobby again where the Volkswagen Junior Driving Course was located.  It was held at the same day as the Halloween party (one of the reasons we went to Summit Ridge).  Neo had so much fun on this and a blog post will be dedicated for this.

This is an honest recollection of what we experienced at Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary! Halloween party.  It wasn’t a very nice one save for the Volkswagen Junior Driving Course.  The hotel staff in-charged was not able to estimate properly the number of guests they accommodated.  But to be fair, none of the staffs were rude to guests, they were all trying to assist as nicely as their patience could.  I hope their next Halloween event would be a more organized one.

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