Thursday, January 21, 2016

Celebrating My Birthday with a Cause

Some 10 years ago, I started writing down my goals and dreams.  Some would dub it as their bucket list.  I write this at the back of my yearly planner (and would re-write it yearly as I change planners).   As I grow old, I add more to this and tick off some.  One of those goals is to spend my birthday with less fortunate kids.  It is written under no. 39.

Mid of last year, I read this list again and decided to make it a reality this year.  Today I mark my 30th year in this world.  I want it to be as memorable as I can.  Nothing too lavish (the economy is going down, I need to save, charot!) and nothing too plain.  This is when I (together with my hubby) decided to spend it by doing a small feeding program.

We scheduled it last January 16 at Rizal Park (commonly known as Luneta Park).  My officemate, Karen just celebrated her birthday start of the year and wanted to join our charity work.  We planned to give out sandwiches and juices for street children.  We divided the task: Karen was assigned for the juices and I, for the sandwiches.

Preparing the night before.
Night before January 16, our house was so busy.  We were preparing the egg sandwich spread.  The next day, we woke up early to prepare the sandwiches.  Before 8AM, we were already at my office (our meeting place).  Karen unfortunately wasn’t able to come due to migraine. L

But that didn’t stop us from pushing through.  We waited another couple of minutes for another friend and colleague, Des, who came with her boyfriend, PO1 Francis.  Together with Leo, Neo, Ate Espie, Des and Francis, off to Luneta we went.

However, Luneta Park no longer allows street children to sleep there.  We were able to give out sandwiches and juices to older people.  We still had a lot so we decided to walk outside of Luneta to Roxas Blvd Baywalk.  Baywalk is where the street children are.

After 1 hour, our sandwiches and juices were gone but our hearts are full.  We were tired from waking up early to prepare the sandwiches, we spent money to give food to people we don’t really know, we were tired giving out food during brunch time, and yet we feel fulfilled.  Giving has its way of warming our hearts.

With the people who helped me.

This is something I would like to do yearly.  Something I’d like my little boy to know how fortunate he is and how thankful we are that we are blessed.

PS:  My conversation with my little boy the night before:

Me:  Anak, sleep tayo ng early kasi naalala mo ung mga bata na walang bahay, walang damit, at walang food?
Neo: Opo.
Me: Bibigyan natin sila ng food bukas.
Neo: At bahay at damit?
Me: Ay hindi anak! Food lang! Wala pang ganun kadaming pera si Mama

Oh, how little minds work the most innocent of ways! J

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