Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December 2015 Weddings

Who doesn’t love weddings?  For me, weddings are always beautiful.  It’s a mark of new beginnings.  Whenever I attend weddings, I always feel the love in the air and I would always reminisce the time my husband and I said I do to each other. 

The third week of December 2015, we were on a very hectic schedule.  With all the Christmas parties we have to attend, we were also invited to witness two weddings (in the same week, thankfully not the same day).  What’s with December that it’s now the fad for weddings?

Anyway, the first wedding we attended was of a very good friend, Anj.  She’s Neo’s godmother.  Anj wedded her boyfriend of 13 years, Von.  I am friends with Anj for more than 8 years already and I have witnessed how these two love birds are made of each other.  Their wedding was set at Silang, Cavite – both ceremony and reception.  We attended the ceremony, and drop by at the reception to give our gift, but didn’t stay long.  Unfortunately, I need to attend a Christmas party in the afternoon. 

Congrats, Anj and Von!

The next wedding we attended was of Papa Leo’s cousin, JR to his ladylove Nica, at Cagayan.  So a day after Anj and Von’s wedding, we were already traveling to Cagayan by land.  We can’t miss this wedding.  Because JR and Nica made Neo one of their ring bearers (they have two ring bearers), and I couldn’t be more thankful to them.  It must be every mom’s dream to see their son or daughter become a bearer or a flower girl.

The ring bearer waiting for his turn.

This is the first time I was able to attend a wedding at Cagayan.  It’s just like any other wedding, but more family-oriented.  Relatives from different parts of the province came to witness as JR and Nica exchanged vows. 

JR and Nica as they exchange rings. 

Side Note:  Because bearers are little boys who are quite restless and full of energy, some of them didn’t walk properly in the aisle.  When it was Neo’s turn, he walked with grace.  Everyone was so proud because he didn’t even attend the rehearsals and yet he was so good at his assigned job.  Turns out, his very resourceful Papa put my mobile phone inside of the pillow (where the ring was placed) and told his son to walk carefully so my phone won’t fall and be broken.  :P  

Family picture after the reception at Cagayan. 

Cheers!  Here’s a virtual toast to Anj and Von, JR and Nica for a lifelong of married bliss and blessedness!


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