Monday, January 25, 2016

Product Review: Sugar Scrub by Amethy

I love body wash and body scrub.  Using body scrub has been my weekly ritual.  It helps me get rid of dust and dirt accumulated weekly.  Much as I love to use body scrub daily, I don’t because I risk bruising myself due to thinning of skin.

Before 2016 arrived, a package was sent for me to try and review.  Sugar Scrub by Amethy.  I am so excited to try it since this is something new to me because I am used to salt as the main ingredient for body scrub. 

The flavor given for me to try was peppermint.   Main ingredients for the sugar scrub are sugar, peppermint oil, and Vitamin E. 

Shalene, the proprietor of Sugar Srubs by Amethy, also sent instructions on how to use it to gain the best result.
·         Dampen your skin in the shower OR after using your favorite soap, rinse, then slight towel dry your skin.
·         Shake the tub OR give your scrub a good stir using a wooden/plastic spoon before scooping out a generous amount on your palm.  Refrain from using your [wet] hands to avoid contamination.
·         You may [or may not] add a few drops of water to the scrub [on your palm] to make it smoother.
·         Gently scrub your body down with it in slow circular motions, using very light to moderate pressure.  DO NOT SCRUB TOO HARD OR TOO LONG.  Scrub until the sugar dissolves. 
·         Rinse clean and enjoy the refreshing feeling.

The instructions given by Shalene were what I normally do whenever I try body scrubs.  The sugar scrub was something new.  It is quite coarse in texture.  You will find that it is somewhat hard to the skin.  Also, after rinsing, you will feel the sugary stickiness.  You have to rinse well or wash with soap again, to ensure you don’t leave extract of sugar in your body.

What I did to augment this was combine the sugar scrub into my body wash – and the result was surprising.  Rubbing the sugar scrub + body wash in the skin makes the skin feeling rejuvenated.  It doesn’t hurt while scrubbing.  As with using any scrubs, you will feel the glow of your skin after using it.

For product orders and inquiry you can contact Shalene from the below accounts:


  1. Thank you for the honest feedback, Nerisa! By the way, my child's name is also Neo. <3

    1. Thanks for sharing this product with me, Shalene :)


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