Sunday, February 21, 2016

Baguio 2016: Day 2

Our next day was spent touring different parks.  We passed by Botanical Gardens and had our pictorial with the Igorots.  Then we went directly to Wright Park where you go when you want to ride horses.  Neo and Lolo Jun had so much fun riding the horses.  Wright Park has an access point going to The Mansion, where the current President of the Philippines takes residence when he/she is in Baguio for a vacation. 

You have to pay Php10 per Igorot.
Php200 for an hour horse ride.
At the Mansion.

Then we went to Mines View Park.  This is where you get a nice view for picture-taking.  This is also where you can buy pasalubongs.  Walking distance to Mines View Park is Good Shepherd where you can buy one of the best tasting Ube Jam.

After that, we had a late lunch at Camp John Hay.  We decided not to tour the place after eating because we wanted to go to PMA (Philippine Military Academy).  After a quick tour, we went back to Burnham Park where Neo had fun biking around, again. 

The little boy was so excited to “try” these military armors.

Baguio Night Market view at Baguio Condotel.

We had early dinner and waited for the Night Market to open at Harrison Street.  Because Baguio Condotel, where my parents stayed is right across Harrison Street, we get to see how they prepare for the Night Market.  We went to the Night Market at exactly 9PM, check everything it has to offer, bought a few things, and called it a night.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

MBC-DZRH DESISYON 2016 Pre-Election Survey ~ Wave 2

And it’s out! 

MBC-DZRH’s DESISYON 2016 Pre-Election Survey Wave 2 results were announced earlier at DZRH 666.  With 7,572 respondents, randomly selected from all provinces of the Philippines, with 1.13% margin of error, MBC-DZRH’s Desisyon 2016 Pre-Election survey has the most credibility of all (and I’m not saying that because I belong to this company). 

Here are the results of the survey conducted last February 13, 2016, Saturday.

Interesting facts can be seen on a per region results that you can download below. 

For detailed PR post, you can check out this website:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Baguio 2016: Day 1

It was an impromptu trip.  In no more than one week planning, we were already in Baguio.  Yes, trips with my parents are like that: spontaneous, unplanned, budgeted, fun, and memorable.

Around mid-January, my mother sent me a text message telling me that she wanted to celebrate my birthday and their wedding anniversary in Baguio.  I was like: what?!  But we need to plan where to sleep and what tourist spots to visit and we only have a week to do that.  No need to worry daw, we’ve been to Baguio already and it won’t be a problem. 

So off to Baguio we went.  The only thing we were able to plan was our arrival date and departure date at Baguio.  We were also able to book one hotel room that won’t fit us all. But trips like this create the most memories.  We decided to leave Cavite early morning of Thursday and be back by Saturday afternoon.  Because we are a big group (six adults and one kid), we left Cavite at almost 5AM, and arrived at Baguio by almost 1PM.  We had a lot of stopovers along the way because we have a senior citizen with us too.  Thanks for NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX for the fast route.

Upon arrival we checked in at Hotel Venize and looked for another hotel that can accommodate Neo’s Mamita.  Mamita is so old that going up and down the stairs, walking too long is not an option.  Luckily we found Baguio Condotel, just across Burnham Park. 

Ah…pine needles…, yes, we were at Baguio. 

After settling in, we decided to check out SM Baguio (the only SM mall without air-conditioning). 

View at SM Baguio’s terrace.  Cold.  Very cold. 

Then we went to tour Burnham Park.  Neo had a blast biking around the area while we savor the beautiful surroundings while trying out the strawberry taho. 

Biking sums up this little boy’s Baguio vacation.

Yummy strawberry taho. 

We ate dinner at one of the restaurants offering grilled food at Burnham Park, and then we went back to the hotel and decided to rest early so we’ll have energy for our day 2 at Baguio.

Baguio 2016: Day 2
Baguio 2016: Day 3
Baguio 2016: Hotel Veniz
Baguio 2016: Baguio Condotel
Baguio 2016: Tourist Spots Take Away

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

7/11 RUN 2016

Last January 17 marked my first race for 2016.  It also marked my first race along Skyway.  The hubby and I joined 7/11 Run 2016 as Buddy runners.  The race costed us Php1000 for Buddy Run.

Since this race has so many participants they divided it into batches.  We belong to batch O, 10K RUN, should be there by assembly time 430AM, and should have been running by gun time 5AM, but was again LATE and was able to run at 530AM.  Why are we always late during fun runs? L

Anyhow, running along Skyway along with a lot of runners was really a very nice experience.  For one, since the Skyway is high, you get to breathe fresh air as opposed to running along the Manila Bay road and smell the entire foul odor emitted by Manila Bay.  And, I don’t get to run or walk at the Skyway every time I want.  It was really an experience.

7/11 RUN 2016 has got to be the race with the most number of sponsors.  During our race, there were no less than 5 sponsors of drinks: Gatorade, Poweraide, Del Monte, Nature Spring, Pocari Sweat (I might have missed a sponsor pa).  And because of that, I get to try and review (quickly) those drinks.  I find Pocari Sweat the best among them during fun runs.  I don’t get bloated like I do when I drink water.  It's not so strong like the others and not too sweet too. 

After 1 hour and 30 minutes, the hubby and I finished our 10K race.  What’s awesome is that we get to experience the program along with all the fun after the race.  Oh I love running 10k.  I get to have fun during the after-run program which I wasn’t able to have when I run 21K

All the loots we got from the sponsors (and we weren’t able to go to all of them pa.)

What I like about 7/11 RUN 2016 was: 1) its along Skyway, 2) it has a lot of sponsors, 3) they give our free food and coffee for all, and 4) they give finisher shirt and medals to all participants.  Needless to say, I will be running again next year J

Another race finished.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Palaui Island: Part 4 ~ Keeping Notes

After visiting Palaui Island, I collated some notes that could help other tourist (or me when I visit the place again).

v  Palaui Island is famous because this is where the Survivor Season 27 and Season 28 were held. 

Beautiful Palaui view.

v  There are two tour boat associations that are accredited to bring tourist at Palaui Island.  One is from where we came from, Nangaramoan Beach, which is distinguished by green boats.  The other is the more popular one, San Vicente Port, which is distinguished by white boats.  Either association serves it purpose of bringing tourist to Palaui Island, but if you want to explore the beach more, I suggest you stay at Nangaramoan Beach, and use the green tourist boats.

v  For the adventurers, there are walking trails you can follow when you visit Palaui Island.  There’s the Leonardo Trail and the Lagunzad Trail.  The Lagunzad Trail is longer and takes about 3 hours walk.  We didn’t use any of the trails as we traveled by boat instead.

v  Swimming might not be the best option during a Palaui Island tour unless you plan to go to Anguib Beach.  I am not sure, but the only comfort room, not entirely a shower room, I saw in the island was at Cape Engano entrance.  Unless you can travel home dripping with beach water.

The only comfort room I saw in the island.

v  Palaui is an Island.  Expect that there is neither food nor water available for sale.  Before going to our journey, we were asked if we want to have our lunch at Punta Verde costing Php15o per person.  We said yes, and they informed (through text) their contact at Punta Verde that we will be having our lunch there.  The lunch was meager, too expensive for me, but I’m glad we did have lunch there because I am actually famished with all the island tour that we did.  We also brought water along.   

Forest crabs for sale.  We didn’t buy it though. 

v  I advise against bringing children with you.  We are so happy that we left Neo sleeping with his Lolo Frank.  Neo will not endure the boat ride along rough waves, the hiking to Cape Engano Lighthouse, or the walking along the dirty shores of Punta Verde.  I suggest you bring your kids when they are already teenagers and can enjoy the adventure.

This isn’t a kid friendly hike. 

There you go.  I may not visit this island again, anytime soon, but I will surely return, perhaps with my little boy when he is a bit older and can withstand the adventure without tantrums. J

Sta. Ana, Cagayan: Nangaramoan Beach
Palaui Island: Part 1 ~ Cape Engano
Palaui Island: Part 2 ~ Siwangag Cove and Crocodile Island
Palaui Island: Part 3 ~ Punta Verde

Monday, February 1, 2016

Palaui Island: Part 3 ~ Punta Verde

Punta Verde is where the local community of Palaui Island is located.  It is also a Marine Base. 

The shores of Punta Verde, during the time we went there, was full of dead seaweeds.  It was because it rained a day before we went there.  It looks dirty because it’s all black, but was really non-toxic naman.

I was really excited to go to Punta Verde since I am so hungry.  This is because prior to going to Palaui Island, the wife of our boatman already informed her contact at Punta Verde that we will be having our lunch there.  Our lunch consisted of rice, fried fish, fried squid, and fish stew.  This costed us Php15o per person.

Our lunch.  Local lunch served by Palaui Island residents.

I am not a fan of local food like this, but I really enjoyed the meal (had 2 servings) since I was tired and famished.

After eating, we were offered to take a tour at Baratubut Falls which is inside Palaui Island.  We just have to pay a tour guide for it.  Same cost for Cape Engano: Php3oo/tour guide.  Ratio is 4 tourists to 1 tour guide.  But since we already paid at Cape Engano, we just have to pay Php5o/tour guide.  Unfortunately for me, all my travel buddies no longer want a walking tour to Baratubut Falls.  So we didn’t push through that tour.  L

I just busied myself in looking for souvenirs.  All souvenirs they sell at Palaui Island are made of shells.  They sell this at a very low cost.  Had I been a business-minded person, I would have hoarded all these shells and sold it at Manila for 3x the price LOL.

Shells. Shells. And shells. 

After buying our souvenirs, we told our boatmen that we wanted to go back to Nangaramoan Beach instead of the previously agreed tour at Anguib Beach.  This is because we are all very tired.  The waves are rougher during our trip back – but I will surely visit this place again…sometime when Neo can too so I get to enjoy and experience it with him.

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