Wednesday, February 10, 2016

7/11 RUN 2016

Last January 17 marked my first race for 2016.  It also marked my first race along Skyway.  The hubby and I joined 7/11 Run 2016 as Buddy runners.  The race costed us Php1000 for Buddy Run.

Since this race has so many participants they divided it into batches.  We belong to batch O, 10K RUN, should be there by assembly time 430AM, and should have been running by gun time 5AM, but was again LATE and was able to run at 530AM.  Why are we always late during fun runs? L

Anyhow, running along Skyway along with a lot of runners was really a very nice experience.  For one, since the Skyway is high, you get to breathe fresh air as opposed to running along the Manila Bay road and smell the entire foul odor emitted by Manila Bay.  And, I don’t get to run or walk at the Skyway every time I want.  It was really an experience.

7/11 RUN 2016 has got to be the race with the most number of sponsors.  During our race, there were no less than 5 sponsors of drinks: Gatorade, Poweraide, Del Monte, Nature Spring, Pocari Sweat (I might have missed a sponsor pa).  And because of that, I get to try and review (quickly) those drinks.  I find Pocari Sweat the best among them during fun runs.  I don’t get bloated like I do when I drink water.  It's not so strong like the others and not too sweet too. 

After 1 hour and 30 minutes, the hubby and I finished our 10K race.  What’s awesome is that we get to experience the program along with all the fun after the race.  Oh I love running 10k.  I get to have fun during the after-run program which I wasn’t able to have when I run 21K

All the loots we got from the sponsors (and we weren’t able to go to all of them pa.)

What I like about 7/11 RUN 2016 was: 1) its along Skyway, 2) it has a lot of sponsors, 3) they give our free food and coffee for all, and 4) they give finisher shirt and medals to all participants.  Needless to say, I will be running again next year J

Another race finished.

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