Monday, February 15, 2016

Baguio 2016: Day 1

It was an impromptu trip.  In no more than one week planning, we were already in Baguio.  Yes, trips with my parents are like that: spontaneous, unplanned, budgeted, fun, and memorable.

Around mid-January, my mother sent me a text message telling me that she wanted to celebrate my birthday and their wedding anniversary in Baguio.  I was like: what?!  But we need to plan where to sleep and what tourist spots to visit and we only have a week to do that.  No need to worry daw, we’ve been to Baguio already and it won’t be a problem. 

So off to Baguio we went.  The only thing we were able to plan was our arrival date and departure date at Baguio.  We were also able to book one hotel room that won’t fit us all. But trips like this create the most memories.  We decided to leave Cavite early morning of Thursday and be back by Saturday afternoon.  Because we are a big group (six adults and one kid), we left Cavite at almost 5AM, and arrived at Baguio by almost 1PM.  We had a lot of stopovers along the way because we have a senior citizen with us too.  Thanks for NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX for the fast route.

Upon arrival we checked in at Hotel Venize and looked for another hotel that can accommodate Neo’s Mamita.  Mamita is so old that going up and down the stairs, walking too long is not an option.  Luckily we found Baguio Condotel, just across Burnham Park. 

Ah…pine needles…, yes, we were at Baguio. 

After settling in, we decided to check out SM Baguio (the only SM mall without air-conditioning). 

View at SM Baguio’s terrace.  Cold.  Very cold. 

Then we went to tour Burnham Park.  Neo had a blast biking around the area while we savor the beautiful surroundings while trying out the strawberry taho. 

Biking sums up this little boy’s Baguio vacation.

Yummy strawberry taho. 

We ate dinner at one of the restaurants offering grilled food at Burnham Park, and then we went back to the hotel and decided to rest early so we’ll have energy for our day 2 at Baguio.

Baguio 2016: Day 2
Baguio 2016: Day 3
Baguio 2016: Hotel Veniz
Baguio 2016: Baguio Condotel
Baguio 2016: Tourist Spots Take Away

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