Sunday, February 21, 2016

Baguio 2016: Day 2

Our next day was spent touring different parks.  We passed by Botanical Gardens and had our pictorial with the Igorots.  Then we went directly to Wright Park where you go when you want to ride horses.  Neo and Lolo Jun had so much fun riding the horses.  Wright Park has an access point going to The Mansion, where the current President of the Philippines takes residence when he/she is in Baguio for a vacation. 

You have to pay Php10 per Igorot.
Php200 for an hour horse ride.
At the Mansion.

Then we went to Mines View Park.  This is where you get a nice view for picture-taking.  This is also where you can buy pasalubongs.  Walking distance to Mines View Park is Good Shepherd where you can buy one of the best tasting Ube Jam.

After that, we had a late lunch at Camp John Hay.  We decided not to tour the place after eating because we wanted to go to PMA (Philippine Military Academy).  After a quick tour, we went back to Burnham Park where Neo had fun biking around, again. 

The little boy was so excited to “try” these military armors.

Baguio Night Market view at Baguio Condotel.

We had early dinner and waited for the Night Market to open at Harrison Street.  Because Baguio Condotel, where my parents stayed is right across Harrison Street, we get to see how they prepare for the Night Market.  We went to the Night Market at exactly 9PM, check everything it has to offer, bought a few things, and called it a night.

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