Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Baguio 2016: Baguio Condotel

We went to Baguio without a plan and with only a lone hotel reservation at Hotel Veniz which was sponsored by a colleague.  That hotel room can accommodate two people (max of three).  We went to Baguio as six adults and a kid.  Needless to say, that lone hotel room wouldn’t fit us.  We tried to book an additional room at Hotel Veniz but their available room was a Junior Suite, and it wouldn’t be very practical for us to book it since we would be out touring during the day and would just use it to sleep.

So my mom and I walked the streets of Harrison Road to look for a hotel.  We found Harrison Inn, with unbelievable room rates costing Php900 for 3 pax.  However, we were told that their rooms are at the 4th floor of the building and they don’t have an elevator.  This is a no-no for us because Neo’s Mamita (who’s traveling with us) can barely walk let alone climb the stairs.

Luckily for us, just two blocks away from Harrison Inn is Baguio Condotel.  It has everything we were looking for a place to stay.  The rooms are big.  They have rooms (two to be exact) in the ground floor.  The rates are affordable.  It’s strategically located one pedestrian walk away from Burnham Park.  And each room comes with the amenities of a home. J

They offer one queen bed and one single bed for studio type rooms. 

We booked it right away, and what’s more lucky for us, they honored Mamita’s SC card (senior citizen) and gave us a 20% discount for the room.  I love establishments like these. 

A dining area.

Pots, pans, plates, and utensils good for 3 people are all inside the cabinet.

So how do I rate Baguio Condotel?

Room – 5 out of 5.  The room that my parents stayed in was Casa Yakal.  It’s a studio room with 1 queen bed and 1 single bed.  The room is very spacious and has complete amenities that can accommodate 3 people (microwave oven, rice cooker, induction cooker, pots and pans, utensils and plates, cabinets, refrigerator, oven toaster, dining area, and whatever you can think of.)  They have the amenities of a home.  But their rooms are non-air-conditioned rooms.  But who needs air-conditioning when you’re at Baguio during January?

Amenities – 4.5 out of 5.  This condotel has parking spaces for at most 5 cars.  You might want to park early so you will get a slot.  Also, this condotel offers amenities of a home but sometimes, when you’re traveling and touring you would like some amenities that hotels can provide, lots of towels, room services, etc.  But I can’t complain because my parents who stayed here was just so happy about the amenities. 

Staff – 4.5 out of 5.  The staffs are all courteous from the reception to the guard.  They would always assist Mamita while walking in and out of the condotel.  But they don’t proactively offer to make up the room or even provide toiletries.  They would clean and provide, but you would need to ask.

Food – n/a.  They don’t offer free breakfast or any food at all.  It must be because you can cook your own food.

Location – 5 out of 5.  If I can give out a rating more than 5, I’d give it.  This place is just a pedestrian walk away from Burnham Park at Harrison Road side.  So if you want to go to Burnham Park, you can walk for 2 minutes and you’re there.  Also, because of its location, my parents were able to go back and forth the Baguio Night Market without walking too far.

Value for Money – 5 out of 5.  With its location and amenities, and for a very affordable price, Baguio Condotel sure gives a lot of value to your money.  What I really like about them is giving out senior citizen discount as much as 20% for the room itself.   Below are the rates for Baguio Condotel.

Room Type
Studio / 1 T&B
2 (3rd person is free)
Php 2085
1 Bedroom / 1 T&B
3-4 persons
Php 2930
2 Bedroom / 2 T&B
4 persons
Php 2930
2 Bedroom / 2T&B
5-6 persons
Php 4688
Penthouse /
2 Bedroom / 2 T&B
4 persons
Php 4389
Penthouse /
2 Bedroom / 2 T&B
5-6 persons

Also, if you’re looking for a place to stay that would provide you the amenities you have in your home at a very reasonable and affordable price, this is the place.

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