Monday, March 21, 2016

Best Photo 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words

That phrase speaks a lot.  I love taking pictures.  No I don’t post pictures that much, but I love taking them.  This is mainly because I want to preserve memories.  I want my little boy to grow up and look at pictures and reminisce what good times we had when the picture was taken.

Let me share to you some of my favorite photos from 2015.

Our family photo last December simply tops my list.  We wanted to preserve a tradition of taking a yearly family photo during December – just in time before a New Year starts. 

I also love this family photo taken by the hubby’s brother from a family wedding we attended.  This is so memorable because this is Neo’s first time to be a ring bearer. 

This photo was taken when Neo and I first had our date.  You see, I can’t go out alone with Neo.  I’m afraid I might lose him or that he might have a tantrum and I might not be able to handle him.  But the day this photo was taken, we had our first date.  It was Mama and Neo alone (together with other Mommy-Kid duos).  And we had so much fun.  Neo would always remember this day.

Oh, I could go on and on and show you so many photos of 2015 that I love but the space will be limited.  

You see, we are in an era where we are lucky enough to take as much photo as we want.  Some fifteen years ago, you can only capture small amount of photos because it’s too costly to take photos.  But now, we can take as much photos as we want – and print as much as we could!  There are a lot of online companies that can offer printing of your favorite photos without so much hassle.  One of them is Social Print Studio.  

Social Print Studio can print your photos in a simple, quick, and beautiful way.  You can download the app and get the photos you took in your mobile phone printed quickly.  Your photos will be printed in a thicker photo paper made of quality materials, like these metal prints

So why limit yourself in taking photos and saving it in your digital memory?  Why not print it all and save it.  Your kids and grandkids will surely enjoy going back memories with tangible photos to look at.

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