Friday, March 18, 2016

Buying Neo’s Bike

My little boy already graduated the toddler stage and is now officially a preschooler.  That being said, there are some perks he can now enjoy that we deem quite hazardous for a toddler before.  Say for example, having his own bike.

Neo had his first bike some three years ago (thanks for Breeze’s SigeLand activity).  There are a lot of items (toys and art crafts) that Neo can choose from but he really preferred the small bike.  It was really small but was just fit for a toddler back then.  Now that he’s a little bit bigger, he wants a bike that he can ride on his own.

Since Neo entered pre-school, we have been promising to buy him his own bike if and only if he can color nicely.  You see, Neo can’t color well pa.  We have been getting notes in his books and notebooks saying: practice coloring!  We don’t want to pressure him to color nicely, so we set the bike as a motivation for him to do his part.  We were thinking of giving the bike by Christmas 2015.

By November 2015, Neo’s coloring has improved a lot, but still not as nicely as what we expected, so we decided not to give him a bicycle until he can color nicely.  Because we have a clause stating “if and only if” (for Mathemeticians, you would understand that this clause is non-negotiable).  However, my brother, his Tito GB told him that he will give the bike as a gift for Neo’s birthday.  Now, as parents, we can’t say no to a gift because it was not for us.  But Tito GB also has an “if and only if” clause.  He wants to buy the bike with Neo because he wants Neo to pick it himself.

Neo’s birthday came, Christmas came, New Year came, my birthday came – but still, Tito GB and Neo haven’t seen each other.  So the bike was still not materializing.  But by the end of January, finally, the mag-tito saw each other.  They now want to buy that bike.  We have minimal time to browse through and search for Neo’s bike – so the ending, still no bike.  What Tito GB did, so Neo won’t feel bad, was give Mama (me) the money and just buy the bike for Neo because it was really long overdue.   

The practical mommy in me needs to know where to find the best bike for Neo.  We want to make sure we get the bike he wants but that I won’t make abono to what Tito GB gave.  

So where did we find a good bike for Neo?  Cartimar.  This area at Pasay City has rows of stores selling bikes of all kinds. 

We were able to find a sturdy bike for less than Php2000 and complete gear for Neo for Php500.  What a steal, right?  The same bike would cost Php3500 at the department store and Php1000 for the gear. 

So bike enthusiasts, you can check out Cartimar near Libertad at Pasay City and buy all your biking needs at a lower cost.  Don’t forget to compare stores prices and haggle J


  1. Would like to buy my boys their own bikes but my mom would NEVER allow me. She always fears for my boys' safety. Even in subdivisions, Meron daw gumagalang van Na nangunguha ng bata.

    1. Very true. Kaya when Neo bikes around dapat may bantay talaga. And if walang bantay, within our 10sqm gated area lang sya. Tiis sa small space kesa mapahamak.


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