Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mommy Fleur Lunch Out 2016

It is no secret that Mommy Fleur is one of my fave mommy bloggers.  She makes blogging quite refreshing with her no-holds-barred way.  Just by reading her blog posts, you will feel really close to her. 

I have met Fleur a lot of times already.  And the number of times I did, she will always makes me feel like I’m an old friend.  The first time I met her was on Mommy Fleur Day last 2013.  She greeted me like I’m one of the honorary guests. 

Last February, Mommy Fleur again held her Mommy Fleur Day which she dubbed as Mommy Fleur Lunch Out.  It was held at Cable Car, Ortigas area.  So I was a bit late since I came all the way from Cavite.  Almost all of her invited blog readers are there already. 

When I got seated, Mommy Fleur started (or continued as I was late nga) her kwentos.  This is what I like about her.  She can speak out her mind and all her kwentos to all her blog readers.  It’s like you’re her long lost friend and she’s updating you of her life.  Kakatuwa.

Fellow mommy bloggers at Mommy Fleur Lunch Out.

Throwback giveaways. (photo from Mommy Fleur blog)

I grabbed this photo from Mommy Fleur's blog.  I have the same laughter last 2013 Mommy Fleur Day.  No dull moments when you're with this awesome mommy blogger talaga. 

Mommy Fleur also treated us for lunch at Cable Car.  And sent us home with some throwback giveaways.  J  Thanks, Mommy Fleur for the lunch out.  Sa uulitin! 


  1. Sayang hindi ako nakasama jan! :)

    1. Awts, sayang nga. Di bale, there's always a next time. :)


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