Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nurture Wellness Village

Visiting Nurture Wellness Village again is something we really wanted to do since we went there last January 2013.  It was called Nurture Spa then and we were able to avail their massage but wasn’t able to stay overnight.  Good thing that Deal Grocer offered discounted overnight accommodation to Nurture Wellness Village.  We availed a Garden Room View with breakfast package for Php3900.

We arrived at Nurture Wellness Village around 2pm, just in time for check in.  We were given ginger tea and were asked to fill up some forms.  After which, we were ushered to the room assigned to us. 

The room assigned to us was called Kalinga.  It has a garden view, with one queen bed and a bathroom that has a glazed floor-length window that’s quite see-through from the outside (your silhouette can be seen while you shower).  Complete toiletries were provided. 

Nurture Wellness Village has few overnight accommodations only.  And thus the place spells tranquility.  You won’t hear noises.  Even the giggles of children who play are stifled by the plants and trees that are abundant in the place.

Some of the few accommodations at Nurture.

This place also offers glamorous camping or Glamping as what they call it.  I think you will be provided with hotel-like amenities in a tent.

Glamping area.

We spent our afternoon in the playground.  Neo and I had fun jumping up and down the trampoline (both our first time). 

We were still full from the sumptuous lunch that we had at Gourmet’s Farm that we opted to just eat light meals from the in-house restaurant.  We shared the burgers and Batangas Lomi that we ordered. 

The next day, we ate breakfast and were offered to try the Nurture Walk.  We walk some 500 meters to the Nurture Farmacy.  Funny because Nurture Wellness Village is located at Tagaytay, while 500 meters from it is the Nurture Farmacy located at Amadeo. 

At the Nurture Farmacy, we were introduced to different plants and herbs.  They are planning to create a recreational / educational facility in this place.  They also have pet chickens here.  And this is the first time I saw chickens eating vegetables. 

The little boy feeding sayote to the chickens. 

After the tour, we rested for quite a while in our room and checked out at Nurture Village by 12pm feeling well-rested and recharged for another work week. 

Room – 4 out of 5.  We were booked on a room with garden view.  It has the basic amenities any hotel room will have: queen size bed, air-conditioning unit, LED TV, cabinet for clothes, dresser, and a toilet and bath.  They don’t have a personal refrigerator as I think they are encouraging guests who had spa massages not to take cold water.  I love hotel rooms with bath tub, and sadly our room has none, and for the price we paid for it, I was hoping it has.  Also, the almost-see-through-window is something I don’t like.  Even though we were at a dead end, someone might see me taking a bath. L

The glazed floor-length window.

Amenities – 5 out of 5.  Nurture Wellness Village has complete amenities.  They have ample parking space, a swimming pool, a big playground, spa areas (of course), restaurant, and a very big garden area. 

Staff – 5 out of 5.  I am very easy to please.  If a hotel staff is courteous and smiles a lot, I am good with it.  But Nurture Wellness Village’s staffs are not only courteous, they will also greet you, try to ask if you are okay with the food, if you wanted to try something from the hotel.  One staff even offered to help us when Neo was running around.  They also gave us complimentary cookies.

Food – 4 out of 5.  The food was okay-tasting for us.  We weren’t able to try the Manga sa Suman, which was what other blogs recommended.

Location – 4 out of 5.  Nurture Wellness Village’s location is quite far.  Its somewhere close to Amadeo, Cavite already.  If you are coming from Aguinaldo Highway, follow a shortcut that Google Maps recommends.  It’s faster and really is a short cut. 

Value for Money – 3.5 out of 5.  Tagaytay is a tourist destination.  Most of the hotels in here are quite pricey.  I think, the price you will pay for the hotel is of good value if you will maximize your stay: by having a massage and staying overnight.

Overall, I would love to go back to Nurture Wellness Village but I must stay overnight and had a spa massage to feel more relaxed and recharged.

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