Saturday, April 9, 2016

Our World Bex 2016 Experience

World Building Expo, or World BEX, is one of the most popular events being held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.  It’s an annual event and in the longest time that I’ve been passing by World Trade Center, I would always wonder what activities are inside the popular World BEX.

The little boy was given an ID of his own under “CUTE AKO” company J

Last month, my curiosity was solved as the hubby brought us along his visit to World BEX.  No entrance fee were collected from us.  The place is all about building and construction.  If you’re an architect or a civil engineer (or a student studying these courses), or maybe a homeowner who wanted a renovation, this place is event is for you.  World BEX has rows and rows of everything construction and building. 

Since I’m neither an architect nor a civil engineer nor am I planning a renovation anytime soon, I was not really interested in what’s inside.   Except for Boysen’s booth which Neo and I enjoyed.

Boysen created a Mix & Match Color Lab.  You will be given 4 small wood planks they use as paint swatches.  You will then choose from the wide array of paint colors and dip your wood plank.  They will turn this into a keychain or bookmark. 

Small wood planks as paint swatches.
Different paint colors.
Finished product.  He did all the task, I just assisted.  

World BEX occupies the whole of World Trade Center.  If you plan to visit next year, the schedule is on March 15-19, 2017. 

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