Thursday, April 21, 2016

Press Release: The Toddler Travels

Traveling by air has now become more affordable.  Airplane fares have lowered cost as such a lot of people can now travel to different places.  More and more families, our family included, are taking vacations abroad but some opted not to bring their little ones with them fearing that because of a new environment, they might not be able to handle their children.

Genevieve Gutierrez-Figueroa, a longtime traveler, recently launched a book called The Toddler Travels.  This book is a guide about how you will go on a trip abroad with your little kids.  She shared several insights and tips based on her adventures with her daughter, who started traveling outside of the country the moment she turned one.

The Toddler Travels gives you guides on where to go, choosing your accommodation, what to pack, and everything you need to learn when preparing a trip with your toddler.  It also gives you ideas on what to do on the actual travel day when you get to your destination.

The Toddler Travel is available at selected National Bookstores, Fully Booked, and Power Books branches.

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