Friday, April 1, 2016

Re-purposing Neo’s Crib

Neo’s crib was made-to-order.  It was because we really wanted it to be like a small bed which Neo will use until he reaches pre-school.  We want it to be sturdy and thus, we had it made-to-order by the local carpenter that Neo’s Lolo Jun knew.

When Neo reached the age of 3, his crib started to lose its durability.  This is because whenever Neo is in the crib, he would shake the railings with all his might.  So when he reached 4 years old, we wanted to save whatever we can of the crib’s body.  

The last time he went inside his crib for a one-last-picture.

This started the project of re-purposing the crib.  There are a lot of ideas that came to our mind but we settled on a small bed (which was the original idea). 

Re-purposing a crib to a small bed is just a simple task.  All you have to do it remove side the side railings and re-paint.  We used white paint and added a blue tinting color to achieve the baby blue color that we like for the small bed.  We also added a 2x2 wood plank as support in the lower part since the crib was a bit shaky already.

And tadah…!  Neo’s new bed! J 

We already put a mattress on this, some Lightning Mcqueen pillows and Neo already used this bed twice already for afternoon nap only since we still co-sleep.

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