Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bohol 2016: Panglao Island

Panglao is an island in Bohol province known for its Boracay-like powdery sands.  It has a lot of beach shores and one of them is Alona Beach.  We decided to stay at Bohol Divers Resort, a beach front accommodation at Alona Beach.   

There are a lot of beach front hotel accommodations in Panglao that you can choose from.  But in case you cannot get one, don’t worry because Panglao is just like Boracay where you can walk for a few meters and you’re already at the beach.  The only down side of Alona Beach at Panglao is that the beach is crowded with so much boats.  These boats shuttle tourists to different island hopping locations.

Good morning, Panglao! 

A lot local boatmen are offering island hopping services.  We begged off because they gave an approximate of 45 mins boat ride going to an island to watch dolphins, and you have to wait for the dolphins (sometimes they appear, sometimes they don’t), another 30 mins to another island, and we don’t think Neo would be able to endure the boat ride. So we just content ourselves in exploring the beach.

Wandering feet.
Even the pigeons love the powdery sands.

The beach shore is clean.  The locals are friendly.  Food is everywhere.  You will not worry about food because by night time, there are a lot of restaurants offering seafood paluto.  Choose your seafood and they will cook it the way you want it served – grilled, with sauce, steamed, or whatever you want.

The cute little boy with the cute little lobster. 
We had dinner by the beach shore.

We stayed for one and a half day at Alona Beach, Panglao Island.  We just ate, rest, walk the beach shores, swim, and relax.  Don’t forget to drop by Panglao Island once you decide to tour Bohol province. 

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