Thursday, May 5, 2016

Neo’s Moving Up Day

Last March 30th marked Neo’s Moving Up activity.  He was given a certification moving him up to Kindergarten, yey! 

During the moving up ceremony, it was Papa Leo who went to the stage with Neo to get his certificate. 

The little boy was also part of the intermission number that entertained the parents and guests.   He danced just like me.  I won’t be posting a video, so you just guess if he can dance really well or not :P LOL

This is a very proud moment for us, the hubby and me, because we enrolled Neo one step ahead of his age-required school level.  In Neo’s school the leveling of students for preschool is Toddler -> Nursery -> Kinder.  Neo’s age only fits him in the Toddler stage, but since he already finished the Barangay Day Care, we insisted he be put in the Nursery level.  We were really worried that the school admin will put Neo to the Toddler class, not because of his intellectual capacity but because of his age.  Luckily our little boy proved to everyone that he can indeed finished and conquer the Nursery level. J

Congratulations, Baby Neo!  Papa and Mama, and everyone, are so proud of you! J

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