Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bohol 2016: Tourist Spots ~ Part 2

Here’s the continuation of the city tourist attractions we went to at Bohol:

Loboc River Tour and Lunch – Buffet Lunch with tour: Php450.  Loboc River Cruise includes lunch.  Ric-ric, our driver, went inside the office to get our tickets.  After 10 minutes wait, he gave us our tickets for the cruise and lunch.  We were so lucky because we didn’t have to wait in line (since there’s a long line for waiting tourists).  The lunch was just okay, nothing extra-ordinary.  What really is amazing was our seat in front of the boat where we get the view of Loboc River.  In the middle of the cruise, some locals entertained us by dancing and singing in a platform by the river.

Tarsier Conservatory – Entrance Fee:  Php60.  Tarsiers are cute creatures.  Tiny nocturnal mammals with big round eyes captured our little boy’s heart.  Since tarsiers are known to be suicidal when disturbed, only few tarsiers were sent out for tourists to see.  Neo had so much fun looking for them.  J

Habitat Bohol – Entrance Fee: Php45.  Habitat Bohol is a conservatory for butterflies.  Here I learned that there are 3 genders of butterflies: male, female, and beki-fly (half-male, half-female).   Only few butterflies can be seen in this place.  If you want to see more butterflies, I suggest you go to Paradizoo at Tagaytay.

Chocolate Hills – Entrance Fee: Php50.  Hundreds of hills form the famous Chocolate hills of Bohol.  Once you’re up in the viewing deck, you will really marvel and be in awe of God’s perfect creation.  You can try the ATV that will bring you the foot of the hills, we didn't though because Neo won't be able to try it, and waiting for us might not be his idea of fun. 

The Shiphaus – No entrance fee.  This is a house that was designed to look like a ship because the owner is a ship captain.  We just took a picture of this “attraction”, because I don’t consider it as one since here in Cavite you can see houses, schools, and even water refilling stations designed as a ship.  Nothing extraordinary.

Bilar Manmade Forest – No entrance fee since this is a highway.  The attraction here is to take your picture while trying to avoid the incoming vehicles from a blind curve.  Really a buwis-buhay experience.

Our buwis-buhay shot.

Bamboo Hanging Bridge – Entrance fee:  Php20.  This is a bridge made of bamboo.  It sways every time someone moves/walks.  Papa and Neo weren’t really so pleased or scared since it was just a bridge.  I think it’s a nice experience because you don’t get to cross a bamboo bridge a lot of times in your life (only metal bridges hehe).

We toured all this Bohol attractions in 10 hours, 8AM to 6PM.  Kuya Tatsky’s vehicle-for-hire in Bohol is really efficient.  Aside from saving a lot of time, there is no need to hire for tour guide because your driver is your tour guide (except for tour guides inside the attractions which you will have to tip) who will help you acquire tickets, take your photos, and even suggests where to buy affordable pasalubongs J

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