Sunday, June 26, 2016

Neo at Bert Lozada Swim School

Ever since Neo was 2 years old, we wanted to enroll him to a swim school.   For the hubby and me, swimming is a survival skill that one has to learn.  La Traviesa Hotel and Resort, a small hotel-resort near our home is an affiliate of Bert Lozada Swim School or BLSS.  We’ve planned to enroll Neo as early as 2014.  Though BLSS offers swim school for babies, the affiliate resort near us only offers swim school for toddlers and above.  So we waited for 2 years for Neo to start learning the art of swimming.

Early this summer, we already enrolled Neo for summer classes in his school.  We don’t want to get him out of the habit of reading and learning new things academically.  But we also don’t want him to be stressed so we waited for his summer classes to finish first before enrolling him at BLSS.  He started swimming classes last May 10.

One swimming session takes up 10 days with an hour of lesson each day.   The cost of BLSS in La Traviesa is Php2750 for one session plus Php500 annual fee.   This includes insurance during the whole duration of the swimming lessons.

The kulit little boy learning how to swim. 

Neo was listed under 7-8AM class.  He is under Snapper 1 and was taught the basic swimming lessons.   After 10 sessions, Neo can hold his breath under water with a maximum of 10 seconds.  He was promoted to Snapper 2. 

There are 7 stages of swimming lessons for BLSS: Snapper 1 -> Snapper 2 -> Jammer 1 -> Jammer 2 -> Jammer 3 -> Swim Squad -> High Performance Training (Swim Team).

No ID picture for the 2nd session na. 

After Neo’s first session, the hubby and I thought that one session would not be enough for Neo to learn the basics of swimming.  So we enlist him again for another batch (good thing, school classes started mid of June already). 

Neo with his swimming coaches.

We saw a lot of improvement with Neo’s swimming skills after 2 sessions.  Neo can swim with the help of his kick board.  He is a pro in Angel Float (when not everyone can do it).  He can do simple dog paddles as well.  I thank his coaches for being very patient in teaching him.  All we need to do now is make sure he continues learning how to swim – maybe Saturday lessons with Papa will help him. J

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