Saturday, June 4, 2016

Neo at Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup Run 2016

The hubby and I love joining fun runs.  We find this a good bonding time and of course a way of getting fit and healthy.  It has been our dream to involve Neo in this activity once he is big enough to endure a run.   

Last Sunday, we were invited to by Que of to participate in Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup Run 2016.  We were so excited to this fun run since 1) this will be Neo’s first fun run and 2) Neo gets to enjoy being slimed after the run.

There are three categories for the Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup Run: 3K Obstacle Run, 1K Run with your Canine Buddy, and the 200m dash for kids.  Neo and I were registered in the 200m dash.  I failed to check the time for the category we were in so we were at SM Mall of Asia before 6AM.  Apparently, our run will start at 730AM.  Luckily, Nickelodeon made the area a fun one for kids.  There are different activities kids can try – and Neo did most of the activities.

Neo played in the giant inflatable, did The Great Snail Race, participated in the Huge Donut Toss, and tried most the activities by the sponsors.  By the time of our race, I think Neo was tired already but this didn’t hinder the fun he had when it was his time to run.

The 200m dash was divided into 3 parts: the girls run, the boys run, and the parent-child run.  Neo participated in the boys run.  I was a little bit worried because at the start of the race, a lot of little boys stumbled.  I was torn between helping the kids who got hurt and running after my child who might get hurt.    

Look! Spongebob and Patrick leading the warm up exercise.

My little boy is a fast runner.  I was actually panting while running after him at a 200m dash – this is me talking, who finished a 21K run last year.  Kaloka.  Most of the boys got hurt.  Little boys are harot when they are part of a game, and I think it was a good decision on the organizer’s part not to combine boys with girls.

Our little runner. 

But when it was time to get slimed, hurt or not, everyone had fun.  Neo even went back a couple of times in the slime area.  He actually enjoyed being slimed! J

He got slimed!

Thanks, and Nickelodeon for the fun event.  My little runner enjoyed every part of it! J


  1. Thank you for joining! See you on the road soon!

    1. Thanks for inviting us, Que. We had a great time :)


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