Monday, June 20, 2016

Revisiting UPLB

I am proud Iskolar ng Bayan or Iska for short.  Both the hubby and I graduated from UP Los Banos.  After graduation, we can only count in one hand the number of times we went back to UPLB because of 1) time issues and 2) traffic.  But we have always wanted to visit the place and bring Neo with us.

The weekend after Election 2016, Leo and I decided to go and visit UPLB na nga.  It was just timely because Neo’s Mamita (my grandmother) need to visit her doctor at Calamba Doctor’s Hospital – so we sent her to Laguna too.

I am not too sure, but I think there is only one way going to Los Banos, Laguna from Cavite.  It’s SLEX -> Calamba -> Los Banos.  Please correct me if I’m wrong so we can use a different way that’s not too traffic. 

Along the way, we told Neo that we will be going to Papa and Mama’s old school.  It was a long drive and we passed by Mt. Makiling.  Neo was mumbling something about our school being so far and his school being just near.  Ha! Wait ‘til you go to college, little boy.

We arrived at UPLB an hour before lunch time.  It was too hot.  Since it was a Saturday and there were no classes, we had a hard time looking for shade since the buildings are closed.  We just did a quick tour of our old campus and reminisced what fond memories we had when we were still in college.

My old building with a banner of my former professor naming him a Scientist. Wow!
Pahinga saglit while enjoying the field’s view.

There are a lot of new establishments outside of UPLB na.  I can no longer locate Papus (our favorite siomai vendor).  Vega is no longer a popular area, though Mcdo still is.  The photocopying center near SU is already demolished.  There are new establishments too beside UPF’s precinct.  YMCA is now a nice-looking dormitory compared to its old stage.  I think they had it renovated.  And a lot more.

Carabao Park with Kwekkwek tower. 

Mama and Papa’s selfie at Carabao Park.

Visiting FOREHA.

After touring we went to IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) to have lunch.  Just a trivia: Scholars from different Asian countries go IRRI to study rice research.  The Philippines is a pioneer of whatever rice research and developments we had decades ago.  And now, we import rice from these countries.  Sad no?  I wish we could have sustain our independence on rice production, but sadly we can’t.  L

We also went to our old dormitory at Foresty, FOREHA.  After that, we went back home.  We didn’t stay long since it was hot, but we definitely shared a lot of memories with our little boy while roaming the campus.

Selfie with Oble

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