Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Neo: Our 3K Finisher

Fun runs are something the hubby and I enjoy doing.  We make sure to participate up to two fun runs a year.  It’s a good fitness and bonding activity for both of us.  As such, we would love to bring our little boy with us during one of the fun runs we attend.

Last May, Neo participated in his first ever fun run and finished his first 200m dash.  Thanks to Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup Run2016.  So that being said, our next step would be to upgrade Neo’s 200m dash to a 3K run.  And that he did last Manila Bay Clean-Up Run 2016! J

Joining a fun run as a family is not really part of my bucket list but this is something I would love for us to do.  Lucky for us because were able to sign up to Manila Bay Clean-Up Run 2016. 

So last July 12, our whole family (Papa, Mama, and Neo) together with Ate Espie, Tito GB, and Lola Nitz, arrived early at CCP Complex to participate in the Manila Bay Clean-Up Run. 

The family that runs together stays fit together! 

Neo had fun running his first ever 3K run.  He was very energetic and still had lots of energy even after the run (which gave me the feeling that I should enlist him for a 5K run next time haha). 

Our tired-looking 3K Finisher! J

Way to go, little boy!  Let’s move up to 5K next fun run! J

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lunch Visit at Sonya’s Garden

Sonya’s Garden is one of the most popular bed and breakfast areas in Cavite.  It is located at Alfonso, though some people would think it’s at Tagaytay.  We already visited the place sometime last year, toured it, and were able to taste their famous Hispanic bread.  After that visit, we vowed to go back to Sonya’s Garden again.

So when the perfect time came, we went to Sonya’s Garden and have our lunch buffet.  We went there as walk-ins and luckily they were able to accommodate us.

The dining area for guests is like a big green house.  It has a rustic feel with wooden furniture.  Sonya’s Garden serves organic food for lunch buffet.  

After we were seated, a big bowl of fresh salad was served to our table.  It is complete with different choices of toppings that you can opt to try or not.  Drinks were also served (I forgot if its dalandan or orange juice).

Salad includes flowers.  It is edible! J

There are few choices of food.  Some are served as an eat-all-you-can buffet where you go the buffet table and get your food. 

Salmon Belly and Pasta.
Two types of pasta sauce (sun dried tomato and chicken cream with mango).
Shitake Mushroom and Ratatouille.
Dessert: Sweet Potato and Turon (Banana rolls).

Freshly cooked bread with various spreads was served within the meal.  This got to be one of the best tasting bread I had.  And the anchovy spread was the best partner for it.

Freshly cooked bread with different spreads to choose from.  

After eating, a slice of chocolate cake and a cup of Tarragon tea were served to each guest.  I don’t have a picture of the cake as Neo gladly finished it the moment the server put it in our table. 

We toured the place again after eating.  The greens and beautiful scenery never fails to put a relaxing smile on my face. 

Strolling silently because the area is a quiet zone.

All the foods served to us were organic.  And by organic, it means that not all foods were tasty – but it also means that all foods served were healthy.  If you’re looking for a relaxing way to eat and detox, Sonya’s Garden is the place for you.  But don’t forget to shop at their Panaderia for Hispanic Bread as a treat before you go home – as we did J

The little boy took this photo. 

Rates for lunch during weekend Php683.  Kids are charged half the price.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Allied Against Dengue: A Movement to Defeat Dengue

It’s the rainy season again.  The season most commonly associated with a lot of sickness, including the dreaded Dengue fever.  As a tropical country, The Philippines is one of the many countries where Dengue is prevalent.  Last year, a total of 200,415 Filipinos were reported to have acquired Dengue fever.  

What is Dengue?

Dengue fever is a virus caused by the bite of a female Aedes Aegypti mosquito during daytime.  There are 4 types of dengue virus which means you can acquire dengue 4 times!

What are the Symptoms of Dengue?

Here are some of the symptoms of Dengue.  You do not need to experience all symptoms, and a manifestation of just 2 symptoms should be enough reason to go to your doctor.
·         High continuous fever that lasts 2-7 days
·         Bleeding of nose and/or gums
·         Nausea/vomiting
·         Skin flushing (rashes)
·         Loss of appetite

What Can We Do At Home?

Not all patients who tested positive for Dengue virus needs to be confined.  Some just needs to stay home and rest.  Do take note of the following:
·         No medicine or antibiotic can treat Dengue
·         Bed rest and lots of fluid intake
·         For fever, give paracetamol (the safest).  Avoid Aspirin or NSAIDS (Ibuprofen).

How Can We Avoid Dengue?

The Department of Health suggests 4S:
·         Search and Destroy – change water in vases, clean your roof’s drain, clean the inside and outside of pails and other water receptacles, ensure that no water is left in dish holders, cover all reservoirs, and overturn all receptacles used for storing water.
·         Say “No” to indiscriminate fogging – say “Yes” only during outbreak or epidemic.
·         Seek immediate consultation – consult a doctor immediately after 2 days if fever does not improve.
·         Self-protection measures – check out my blog suggestion about this.

Thus, the Allied Against Dengue Movement was born.  It was launched last July 12, 2016 in the Philippines and its main purpose is to unite efforts to take action and defeat Dengue.  GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines Inc had join forces with our government together with several private sectors to take this initiative.  Allied Against Dengue Philippines includes in their roster: The Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc (PPHA), GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines Inc, Mercury Drug Corporation (MDC),, and CNN Philippines.

Proud Allies Against Dengue representatives.

Allied Against Dengue is focused to empower healthcare providers, public and private organizations and communities to reduce the impact of dengue.  Initial steps are already in place such as having more than 1,200 healthcare providers (including doctors, pharmacists, and general practitioners) to help educate the patients and consumers.  Also, 50,000 DOH primers will be distributed to public schools to increase awareness. 

DOH Primer to be distributed to public schools.

As a mom, the health of my family has always been on top of my priority.  And I vow to always make sure to help my community to fight this dreaded disease.  I am Nerisa Nunag and I’m a proud Ally Against Dengue!

I am Nerisa Nunag and I’m a proud Ally Against Dengue!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Meet Neo’s New Fur Friends

It has been my life dream to give Neo a pet dog.  I wanted him to grow with it.  However, we don’t think our small abode combined with our very energetic little boy can handle a pet dog. 

But since we really wanted Neo to have a pet, and try being a “responsible” little boy, we first bought him a chick – and named it Chickie.  Sadly, Chickie didn’t last long.  Neo loved Chickie so much.  After more than 2 years, Neo still knows where Chickie was buried.

Neo and his Chickie.

Now, we’ve decided, it’s high time we give another pet to Neo to take care of.  I was having some throwback memories when I remember an anime I used to watch back in college: Hamtaro.  He’s a pet hamster.  Now that gave me an idea.

So we went to the local pet shop at our wet market.  Brought a pair of small hamster for Neo (we asked him to choose between the small hamsters or the bear hamster, he selected the small ones).   We also bought a cage, feeds, and some wood shaving.

These hamsters weren’t even home for an hour, and they already gave me a souvenir bite L

Neo was so happy with them.  He likes them so much.  Like meaning he introduces them to his playmates within our neighborhood.  Like meaning he plays with them a lot.  Like meaning he remembers to greet them good morning, when he forgets to greet us good morning.  Like meaning in the middle of preparing to sleep, he will remember that he forgot to say good night to these hamsters.  Oh, Neo adores them so much! 

I just wish they stay alive for long. J

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

8 Awesome Benefits of Having Friends at Work

A lot of working adults spend an average of nine (9) hours a day in the office sans overtime.  This is a more than 1/3 of our daily lives spent with officemates.  Lucky for some who enjoys having a member of their family to be working in the same company but most of us spend these 9 hours with officemates that are complete strangers. 

But these complete strangers we call officemates can no longer be strangers if we decide to extend a cordial bond.  They can be our friends.  J  Let me cite with you eight (8) awesome benefits of having friends at work.

Someone who will update you of office mandates.  Updates about office mandate, rules, and regulations go around via memorandums.  But most of the time, these updates about office rules are informed to you before hand by a friend at work.  This is very beneficial for you, especially if you are not around the office during the distribution of memos, as you might be following old office rules.

Someone who will give an honest feedback of your work.  We are all good at what we do – but it doesn’t hurt to ask for feedback about your work quality.  And who can give you the best opinion (a constructive one) other than a friend at work?

Someone you can talk office chikas to.  Believe it or not, most office workers are hyped whenever they hear office chikas.  Some use it to while away time.  Good or bad, office chikas go around the office like wildfire.  Thanks to some friends at work, you won’t be the last person to know it.  But be very careful though when sharing office chikas to your office friends as you might be quoted in saying something negative and this can backfire.

Someone who will eat with you (or drink coffee too).  Only a few people want to eat alone.  Most people want to eat by group especially in the office.  Eating with your friends at work gives you time to talk and share ideas (and office chikas too J).  This goes the same with drinking coffee before starting your day.

Someone who will be your stress reliever.  Working can be stressful, a lot of times.  Friends at work will help you relieve your stress at work – may it be work-related or officemate-related. 

Someone who will bond with you after office hours.  GIMIK, anyone?  Oh, the singles can relate so well.  But for married people, bonding after office hours with your friends at work can be rushing to the supermarket to buy groceries or maybe going to the drugstore for some vitamins.  You want to have someone to talk to while doing these errands, right?

Someone who will be your ally. Everyone will agree that no single office environment is perfect.  Office politics can be tough.  Office relationships (boss to employee) can always be a challenge.  Having someone as your ally in the office is beneficial.  Who else better defend you from bashers in the office other than your friends at work?

Someone who cares.  Needless to say, during the 9 hours you stay in the office daily, you need someone who cares.  Someone who makes sure you ate your lunch on time so you won’t get sick.  Someone who makes sure you don’t break office policies so you won’t get reprimanded.  Someone who makes sure you laugh a lot to break away the stress. J

Whatever type of work environment you are into and whatever type of industry you work for, having friends at work is a sanity saver.  I speak by experience.  I once work for a BPO company for several years and, now that I shifted to the Media Industry, my friends at work save my sanity a great deal.  This is a shout out to them because they know who they are.  And overall, the most awesome benefit you get when you have friends at work is that they are your family at the office! J  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Red Planet Aseana

2016 Elections has brought so much busyness for me, workwise.   This is the same statement you’ve read from my Century Park Hotel review, because our stay with Red Planet Aseana has the same reason as with our stay with Century Park Hotel – Election 2016.

The difference of our stay with Red Planet and Century Park is that with Century Park we get to enjoy quite a little bit of time, unlike with Red Planet we were practically boarders, who just stayed and slept.  This is one reason we chose Red Planet Aseana.

We booked their Double Bed for Php2400 a night.  We got a discount of 10% upon signing up for REMEMBERED membership.   Room rates vary per night of stay.  The rate doesn’t include meals, though you can opt to add Php200 per person to include breakfast. 

Red Planet Aseana, formerly Tune Hotels, is a no-frills hotel.  It is not a luxurious place for staycation or a 5-star hotel that will offer superb buffet breakfast and spa treatments.  What Red Planet offers is practical stay for all travellers (or maybe, overnighters like me) a place to sleep, rest, bath, and put their things.  It’s a practical choice of hotel for locals and foreigners who would rather spend their money touring.

So how do I review our stay?

Room – 4.5 out of 5.  Our room has everything an overnighter or a traveller needs.  It is small but it has a double bed, good air-conditioning, LED television with cable channels, bathroom (which has a sink for brushing teeth, toilet, shower, and 3-in-1 liquid soap/shampoo/conditioner), towels, hangers for your clothes, and even a hair dryer.  Every basic thing an overnighter needs. Plus it’s clean.  However, if you need drinking water or prefer a brand of toiletries, you have to buy it at their reception.

Double bed with window view of Baclaran.

Amenities – 3 out of 5.  Of course, since Red Planet is a budget/practical hotel, amenities are quite few.  They offer just the basic ones: Wi-Fi, elevator, few parking spaces, and a lobby to sit down while waiting for your ride.  It is really so basic that there is even no air-conditioning in the hallways.

LED Television and hair dryer.

Clean bathroom.

Staff – 4.5 out of 5.  I like the staffs of Red Planet.  They smile, they are courteous, they make sure to inform you of ahead of time whatever their hotel can offer, and they greet you even if you’re not checked-in their hotel.

Food – 4 out of 5.  (I will rate the restaurant of Red Planet Aseana: CafĂ© 1700).  They offer Korean dishes that is quite affordable.  They give big servings and have nice staffs, however, the food is not super delicious nor it is bland.  It’s just okay.

Location – 5 out of 5.  Red Planet Aseana is strategically located at Aseana Bradco Ave.  Very close to SM Mall of Asia, City of Dreams, and Baclaran, and walking distance to SNR and DFA.

View from the 10th floor. 

Value for Money – 4.5 out of 5. If you’re a traveller or an overnighter, this gives a good value to your money especially for the location it is in.  However, it would be nice for them not to charge their guests for drinking water.

If you’re looking for a place to stay to sleep and put your luggage/bags overnight while you explore the city of Manila, Red Planet Aseana will be a very good choice for you.  It is strategically located, clean, and affordable.  The money you saved from booking this place will be of good use for touring Manila J

Monday, July 4, 2016

Product Review: BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid

Last week, Mikewell Corp sent over BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid for me to try and review. 

I seldom wash dishes.  Ate Espie washes our dishes and I only get to wash dishes when she’s away.  And because of that I am not really choosy on what dishwashing liquid to buy.  As a mom, I go over practicality – meaning the dishwashing liquid should be affordable and can easily remove grease and clean dishes.  It is Ate Espie who really checks out and tells me what product to buy when it comes to dishwashing.

So I decided to ask for Ate Espie’s review for BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid.  And these is what our conversation was like when she was washing dishes one night:

Me: So, Ate anong masasabi mo sa BubbleMan? (So, Ate, what can you say about BubbleMan?)

Ate: Hmmm… mabula…malambot sa kamay…mabango…madaling banlawan…ang lambot talaga sa kamay. (Hmmm… foamy…gentle on hands…smells good…easy to rinse…its really gentle on hands.)

After that, I decided to wash a couple of dishes to try BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid myself.  And guess what, I agree with what Ate Espie said.  BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid is really foamy, it smells good, it’s easy to rinse, and it’s very gentle on hands.  What’s more?  I like that when I rinse my hands, it doesn’t leave a strong smell in my hands as other dishwashing liquid.  So there is no need for me to wash my hands again using hand soap.

Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid is available in leading supermarket and groceries nationwide.  So try it for yourself and know that it is easy to rinse and gentle on hands.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Bellevue Kids Club Grand Launch

Last June 19, the Nunag Family were invited by Bellevue Hotels and Resorts in the launch of their Bellevue Kids Club program.  It was just in time for Father’s Day.  So after our church service, we went to The Bellevue Manila in Alabang.

Upon entrance, a pass was given to each kid with printed logos of different sponsors.  Neo gladly went to each booth to participate in some activities.  This was before the program started.  He also had his face painted. 

Spider Man on Neo’s face.

Buffet snacks were served during the event.  Families were entertained during the program.  Indak Lahi performed different cultural dances from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  A shadow play was also performed by Museong Pambata (Children’s Museum). 

Little kids intently watching the shadow play. 

Raffles prizes and games were done during the program.  Papa Leo was lucky to get a Faber-Castell sticker under his chair which made him won a Faber-Castell set.

Neo claimed the Faber-Castell prize J

Mama and Papa joined the Limbo Rock game.  Mama was lucky to be part of the winning 5.

Neo didn’t participate in the children’s games.  He was so busy playing with others kids at the back of the venue were a small play area was set up. 

The event was all about kids – and little kids enjoy most when they play.  Our family was glad to be part of the launch of Bellevue Kids Club.   

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