Saturday, July 16, 2016

Meet Neo’s New Fur Friends

It has been my life dream to give Neo a pet dog.  I wanted him to grow with it.  However, we don’t think our small abode combined with our very energetic little boy can handle a pet dog. 

But since we really wanted Neo to have a pet, and try being a “responsible” little boy, we first bought him a chick – and named it Chickie.  Sadly, Chickie didn’t last long.  Neo loved Chickie so much.  After more than 2 years, Neo still knows where Chickie was buried.

Neo and his Chickie.

Now, we’ve decided, it’s high time we give another pet to Neo to take care of.  I was having some throwback memories when I remember an anime I used to watch back in college: Hamtaro.  He’s a pet hamster.  Now that gave me an idea.

So we went to the local pet shop at our wet market.  Brought a pair of small hamster for Neo (we asked him to choose between the small hamsters or the bear hamster, he selected the small ones).   We also bought a cage, feeds, and some wood shaving.

These hamsters weren’t even home for an hour, and they already gave me a souvenir bite L

Neo was so happy with them.  He likes them so much.  Like meaning he introduces them to his playmates within our neighborhood.  Like meaning he plays with them a lot.  Like meaning he remembers to greet them good morning, when he forgets to greet us good morning.  Like meaning in the middle of preparing to sleep, he will remember that he forgot to say good night to these hamsters.  Oh, Neo adores them so much! 

I just wish they stay alive for long. J

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