Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Neo: Our 3K Finisher

Fun runs are something the hubby and I enjoy doing.  We make sure to participate up to two fun runs a year.  It’s a good fitness and bonding activity for both of us.  As such, we would love to bring our little boy with us during one of the fun runs we attend.

Last May, Neo participated in his first ever fun run and finished his first 200m dash.  Thanks to Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup Run2016.  So that being said, our next step would be to upgrade Neo’s 200m dash to a 3K run.  And that he did last Manila Bay Clean-Up Run 2016! J

Joining a fun run as a family is not really part of my bucket list but this is something I would love for us to do.  Lucky for us because were able to sign up to Manila Bay Clean-Up Run 2016. 

So last July 12, our whole family (Papa, Mama, and Neo) together with Ate Espie, Tito GB, and Lola Nitz, arrived early at CCP Complex to participate in the Manila Bay Clean-Up Run. 

The family that runs together stays fit together! 

Neo had fun running his first ever 3K run.  He was very energetic and still had lots of energy even after the run (which gave me the feeling that I should enlist him for a 5K run next time haha). 

Our tired-looking 3K Finisher! J

Way to go, little boy!  Let’s move up to 5K next fun run! J

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