Monday, July 4, 2016

Product Review: BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid

Last week, Mikewell Corp sent over BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid for me to try and review. 

I seldom wash dishes.  Ate Espie washes our dishes and I only get to wash dishes when she’s away.  And because of that I am not really choosy on what dishwashing liquid to buy.  As a mom, I go over practicality – meaning the dishwashing liquid should be affordable and can easily remove grease and clean dishes.  It is Ate Espie who really checks out and tells me what product to buy when it comes to dishwashing.

So I decided to ask for Ate Espie’s review for BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid.  And these is what our conversation was like when she was washing dishes one night:

Me: So, Ate anong masasabi mo sa BubbleMan? (So, Ate, what can you say about BubbleMan?)

Ate: Hmmm… mabula…malambot sa kamay…mabango…madaling banlawan…ang lambot talaga sa kamay. (Hmmm… foamy…gentle on hands…smells good…easy to rinse…its really gentle on hands.)

After that, I decided to wash a couple of dishes to try BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid myself.  And guess what, I agree with what Ate Espie said.  BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid is really foamy, it smells good, it’s easy to rinse, and it’s very gentle on hands.  What’s more?  I like that when I rinse my hands, it doesn’t leave a strong smell in my hands as other dishwashing liquid.  So there is no need for me to wash my hands again using hand soap.

Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid is available in leading supermarket and groceries nationwide.  So try it for yourself and know that it is easy to rinse and gentle on hands.  

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