Friday, July 8, 2016

Red Planet Aseana

2016 Elections has brought so much busyness for me, workwise.   This is the same statement you’ve read from my Century Park Hotel review, because our stay with Red Planet Aseana has the same reason as with our stay with Century Park Hotel – Election 2016.

The difference of our stay with Red Planet and Century Park is that with Century Park we get to enjoy quite a little bit of time, unlike with Red Planet we were practically boarders, who just stayed and slept.  This is one reason we chose Red Planet Aseana.

We booked their Double Bed for Php2400 a night.  We got a discount of 10% upon signing up for REMEMBERED membership.   Room rates vary per night of stay.  The rate doesn’t include meals, though you can opt to add Php200 per person to include breakfast. 

Red Planet Aseana, formerly Tune Hotels, is a no-frills hotel.  It is not a luxurious place for staycation or a 5-star hotel that will offer superb buffet breakfast and spa treatments.  What Red Planet offers is practical stay for all travellers (or maybe, overnighters like me) a place to sleep, rest, bath, and put their things.  It’s a practical choice of hotel for locals and foreigners who would rather spend their money touring.

So how do I review our stay?

Room – 4.5 out of 5.  Our room has everything an overnighter or a traveller needs.  It is small but it has a double bed, good air-conditioning, LED television with cable channels, bathroom (which has a sink for brushing teeth, toilet, shower, and 3-in-1 liquid soap/shampoo/conditioner), towels, hangers for your clothes, and even a hair dryer.  Every basic thing an overnighter needs. Plus it’s clean.  However, if you need drinking water or prefer a brand of toiletries, you have to buy it at their reception.

Double bed with window view of Baclaran.

Amenities – 3 out of 5.  Of course, since Red Planet is a budget/practical hotel, amenities are quite few.  They offer just the basic ones: Wi-Fi, elevator, few parking spaces, and a lobby to sit down while waiting for your ride.  It is really so basic that there is even no air-conditioning in the hallways.

LED Television and hair dryer.

Clean bathroom.

Staff – 4.5 out of 5.  I like the staffs of Red Planet.  They smile, they are courteous, they make sure to inform you of ahead of time whatever their hotel can offer, and they greet you even if you’re not checked-in their hotel.

Food – 4 out of 5.  (I will rate the restaurant of Red Planet Aseana: Café 1700).  They offer Korean dishes that is quite affordable.  They give big servings and have nice staffs, however, the food is not super delicious nor it is bland.  It’s just okay.

Location – 5 out of 5.  Red Planet Aseana is strategically located at Aseana Bradco Ave.  Very close to SM Mall of Asia, City of Dreams, and Baclaran, and walking distance to SNR and DFA.

View from the 10th floor. 

Value for Money – 4.5 out of 5. If you’re a traveller or an overnighter, this gives a good value to your money especially for the location it is in.  However, it would be nice for them not to charge their guests for drinking water.

If you’re looking for a place to stay to sleep and put your luggage/bags overnight while you explore the city of Manila, Red Planet Aseana will be a very good choice for you.  It is strategically located, clean, and affordable.  The money you saved from booking this place will be of good use for touring Manila J

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