Monday, August 29, 2016

Product Launch: ChuvanessXNBS

Chuvaness, one of the country’s known bloggers, has collaborated with National Bookstore to introduce her own line of products.  ChuvanessXNBS was launched last August 17 at Mega Fashion Hall.

Here’s a look of some of the different products launched by ChuvanessXNBS.  Every single product was crafted beautifully.   Grab a piece of these nice ChuvanessXNBS at National Bookstore.
Gift wrappers.
To and From Stickers.
Memo Pad.
Canvass Tote Bag.
Pouches.  Are you really looking at the pouches? 
With Chuvaness.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Nutri10 Plus for Kids

Kids nowadays are prone to a lot of sickness.  This is due to the changing environment we have.  What better way to protect them is to give them enough vitamins to support their daily needs.
Ever since Neo was a baby, his pedia had already prescribed vitamins and supplements for him.  He was given two sets of vitamins – one is vitamin C with zinc, and the other one is a food supplement. 

As a mom, I made sure that whatever vitamins given to Neo are effective.  The vitamin C plus zinc is an effective one.  We never changed brands.  But as for the food supplement, we tried switching a lot of times when he was younger.  We already found one food supplement that’s hiyang to Neo. 

However, we are not closing doors.  Neo is still young and he will be taking vitamins and food supplement for more years to come.  Wert Philippines gladly sent Neo Nutri10 Plus to try.  Nutri10 Plus has Taurine, CGF, Zinc, Lysine, and Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12.  Almost complete, right?  Neo will definitely have a healthy month!  Thanks, Wert and Nutri10 Plus!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pampers and Gymboree’s Mommy Meet Up

Last Sunday, Pampers in partnership with Gymboree’s 40th anniversary held a Mommy Meet Up event at Glorietta 5.  Mommies and kids were invited to celebrate with Gymboree and to witness the launch of Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

The program started promptly at 1pm.  Mommies, Daddies too, gathered around the audience area to listen to Teacher Ting, a child development expert, talk about the stages of child development and how parents can help with it.  After that, a panel of well-respected celebrity moms also discussed motherhood, career, and self-care. 

Mommies Ichel Alignay, Say Alonzo, Tess Dumadag, and Andi Manzano with host Dew Ladaga. 

During this time, little kids were not at all bored as Gymboree set up a play area for them to be occupied.  They were also given a chance to experience some activities done at Gymboree like the Bubbles and Parachute.

Little kids enjoying the Parachute and Bubbles time.

Also present during the program was Andi Manzano-Reyes with her cute baby Olivia to launch the Pampers Baby Dry Pants.  Andi talked about why she loves using Pampers for Olivia and why she is moving up to Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

Andi Manzano and Baby Olivia, Pampers Brand Ambassadors. 

A demonstration was done to show how the 3 easy steps to use the Pampers Baby Dry Pants. 

STEP 1: STRETCH, as it features an all-round stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs to make sure that the diaper fits the baby while he/she plays and moves around.

STEP 2: EASY TO PUT ON, just put one leg at a time and pull-up.  It’s easy to change diapers unlike the taped one where you need to make the baby lie down.

STEP 3: EASY TO TEAR OFF, just tear off the sides and dispose.

Kids and babies learn when they play and when they’re active.  Play is for kids as what work is for adults.  Since Pampers Baby Dry Pants is easy to put and easy to tear off, there is no need for parents to disturb babies playtime just to change nappies.  This lessens the crankiness of babies because they are interrupted during playtime.

Andi Manzano and Baby Olivia encouraging fellow babies wearing Pampers Pants to Shake Shake!

And that’s not all!  Because Pampers is a brand known for their absorbency, I personally witnessed and tried how absorbent it is.  A comparison test was done to show how absorbent Pampers Baby Dry Pants is compared to other brand.  Pampers Baby Dry Pants absorbs faster than the other brand, and even distributed its liquid to the diaper.  I was asked to squeeze the Pampers diaper as forceful as I can to extract the liquid, but to no avail.  This is because Pampers Baby Dry Pants has a soft touch-dry layer and magic gel that absorbs 30x its weight!  Galing!

I also tried squeezing Pampers as forcefully as I can – yet, no liquid came out of the diaper. 

Pampers Baby Dry Pants sure makes changing diaper an easy task for moms and dads as there is no need to interrupt babies’ playtime.  A win-win product for mommies and babies!  Try it and Move Up to Pampers Pants! J

It was one fun afternoon for Mommy and Neo! Thanks, Pampers and Gymboree!

Price and Availability:
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Medium (20’s): Php204
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large (18’s): Php214
Pampers Baby Dry Pants XLarge (16’s): Php214
Pampers Baby Dry Pants XXLarge (14’s): Php214

Monday, August 15, 2016

Product Launch: Podee, Hands-Free Baby Bottle

Last August 6, I was invited to attend a product launch of a baby bottle at Dusit Thani Hotel entitled: When Your Two Hands Are Not Enough.   I was intrigued.  What kind of innovation in baby bottles would give parents extra hands?  This was answered by the launch of Podee, the hands-free baby bottle.

The Podee baby bottle is a hands-free baby bottle designed to help busy parents in feeding their babies.  It’s an innovation that will greatly benefit parents.  Complete with an 8-ounce baby bottle set and tube that connects the bottle and nipple, Podee has a unique adaptive flow system that allows baby to manage the pacing and amount of milk flow with ease.

Parents Benefit from Podee because of the peace of mind it offers us given that we don’t need to check if our babies are getting the milk they need without constantly checking them.

Babies benefit from Podee too.  Here’s how:
·         Podee helps prevent gas build up and colic
·         Podee helps prevent ear infections
·         Podee helps prevent reflux
·         Podee helps babies fees hands-free and upright
·         Podee is a great feeding system for travelling
·         Podee is a great feeding system for multiple babies

You baby can be the face of Podee! 
Podee is looking for a brand ambassador here in the Philippines.   Follow the simple mechanics below:
·         Buy a Podee baby bottle.
·         Take a photo of your baby using the Podee baby bottle.
·         Upload your photo on Facebook and use the hashtags #Podee #PodeeHandsFreeBottle #SmartBottle #FeedsUpRight #TagMedia #MindsetEvents
·         Deadline of entries: August 31, 2016.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Product Review: Self-Stirring Mug

I am a coffee lover.   Caffeine from coffee keeps me energized the whole day – be it in the office or at home.  A mug (not just a cup) of coffee would really brighten my day, especially when served in a porcelain mug.  However, such mugs are not really advisable in office nature.  As such, there are offices which have rules that only allow employees to bring spill proof mugs.

Lately, I have seen a lot of innovation in dinner / kitchen ware.  One of them is the self-stirring mug.  This got me curious.  And because this is innovations in technology we are talking about, I searched through online stores in the Philippines offering the said product.  I chanced upon Goods.PH.  Goods.PH provides online shopping in the Philippines and one of their categories is the online kitchen utensils stores.   There I got the self-stirring mug I was looking for.

I was so excited to try the product the moment it arrived.  And my excitement was rewarded.  The self-stirring mug ordered at Goods.PH arrived in minimal packaging.  We checked the inclusions of the package first (which just 2 items): the mug and the lid.  

This product is very easy to use.  There really is no need for a complex instruction.  Just follow these simple steps:

1)    Put two (2) AAA batteries at the bottom portion.
2)    Prepare your coffee.
3)    Press the button for the mug to self-stir.

It’s very easy to follow, right?

I don’t normally give out ratings, just a thumbs up (to buy) or a thumbs down (not to buy), but if I rate this product, I’d give it a 4 out of 5.  It’s a really useful product to use in the office.  All you have to do is buy 3in1 coffee mix, pour it in the mug together with hot water, then press the button to self-stir.  Cover it with the spill-proof lid, and tadah!  You can now enjoy your coffee, without the need of a spoon (or tablespoon).  

Just a precautionary measure:  You just have to be very cautious in washing the mug since the bottom part is where the batteries are stored.  I would suggest removing the batteries after use.  This will save your battery-life and it will also avoid battery acid leakage.

Overall, this product is a very good technology innovation.  Watch the video below of the self-stirring mug. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shopping at Groupons

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.

Moms are busy creatures.  They make sure everything is in place and everything is in order for their family.  They make sure to balance everything by budgeting the needs and wants of each member of the family.   I am one busy and PRACTICAL mom.  I make sure my family gets everything we NEED and some of the things we WANT.

I love going through websites that offers both needs and wants of a normal family.  I was introduced to Groupon Goods early this year.  And this website has such amazing things to offer.  Groupon offers items you can use for your every day needs such as batteries, hairbrushes, vitamins, and a lot more.  It also offers luxury items you can send off as gifts to love ones such as perfumes (branded ones) and jewelries.

Yup, they offer discounted experiences too! J

What I really love about Groupon is that (1) you can shop at your ease, browsing and searching through their website, (2) shop at a discounted price, and (3) get it delivered for you.  No hassle of going to the malls, searching every corner of it just to check if the item is available.  No need to compare every price tag at the mall for discounted prices.  And of course, once you shop at Groupon, the item gets delivered to you.  Now, that sums up the word convenience for us moms! J

Check out Groupon’s website, as well as Twitter and Facebook, and see for yourself the various wonderful items and deals that make moms like me include Groupon in our browser’s favorites link. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Quick Balay Indang Tour

After having been so full from eating delicious dishes at Balay Indang for lunch, we decided to tour the place.  Balay Indang has a very vast area full of flora and unique decors.  Let me give you a photo tour of the place.

First stop is the main house.  This is also where we paid for our lunch.

The little boy is seriously playing the piano as if he knows how. 

And off to the grounds we went.

Where’s the horse?
Balay Indang, or Red Ginger Farm, was established last 2010 pala. 
Directions… there are a lot of these signage everywhere.

The Pavilion where receptions are celebrated.
Swimming pool beside the pavilion.
A playground for the kids! Yey!
A quiet area. 

Overall, this place spells relaxation.  The place is so calm and quiet.  The place is so vast that some areas need proper maintenance, especially the plants and shrubs, as from experience, people get drawn to lovely well-maintained flora.  But we will definitely be back here if not for the areas that needs upkeep; we will definitely be back for the delicious food! J

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lunch Visit at Balay Indang

Another popular bed and breakfast area in Cavite is Balay Indang.  It is located at Indang, Cavite (you already guessed that because of the name, right? J).  I have read and heard a lot of good things about Balay Indang and we decided to give it a lunch visit one weekend of June.

Since Indang is one of the many rural municipalities of Cavite (more province-like) google maps would come in handy to locate Balay Indang.  The area is very secluded with wall fence covering the area. 

Upon entrance to the gate, the guard will direct you to the ample parking spaces provided to guests.  From there, you will use this beautiful walkway made of plants.

This is the main house of Balay Indang.  Some parts are being reconstructed during our visit, so we didn’t dine there.  We were ushered to a different dining area.

Lunch at Balay Indang is eat-all-you-can style but foods are served at your table.  You can request for second serving if the served food is not enough for you.  Here are the different dishes served to us during our visit.

Dinnerware are all of different designs.  It add more uniqueness to the dining experience.

One of the most delicious green salads I ate – even the hubby liked it.

Delicious Curry Rice.

Fried Chicken.

I forgot the name of this dish.  L

Shrimp Kebab. 

Chicken Sotanghon.

Again, I forgot the name of this dish too.  L

Lumpiang Buko.  Yes, it has coconut meat as filling. 
Not very nice looking but this Creamy Maja is really tasty.
Fresh juice (which I’m not sure if its dalandan or lemon).

I cannot find any fault in any of the dishes served to us.  Every single one of them is delicious! 

All of us were so full that we decided to tour the place before heading home.  Balay Indang has a very vast area full of plants and beautiful decors which I will dedicate a photo blog next.  The place is very relaxing and calm.   

The delicious foods and the very beautiful and relaxing place make us want to go back to Balay Indang, which we will definitely do! J

For reservations, you may call: 09178374261.  Rates for lunch: group of 2 ~ Php800, group of 3 and up ~ Php700.  Children below 7 years old are free of charge.

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