Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Quick Balay Indang Tour

After having been so full from eating delicious dishes at Balay Indang for lunch, we decided to tour the place.  Balay Indang has a very vast area full of flora and unique decors.  Let me give you a photo tour of the place.

First stop is the main house.  This is also where we paid for our lunch.

The little boy is seriously playing the piano as if he knows how. 

And off to the grounds we went.

Where’s the horse?
Balay Indang, or Red Ginger Farm, was established last 2010 pala. 
Directions… there are a lot of these signage everywhere.

The Pavilion where receptions are celebrated.
Swimming pool beside the pavilion.
A playground for the kids! Yey!
A quiet area. 

Overall, this place spells relaxation.  The place is so calm and quiet.  The place is so vast that some areas need proper maintenance, especially the plants and shrubs, as from experience, people get drawn to lovely well-maintained flora.  But we will definitely be back here if not for the areas that needs upkeep; we will definitely be back for the delicious food! J

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