Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lunch Visit at Balay Indang

Another popular bed and breakfast area in Cavite is Balay Indang.  It is located at Indang, Cavite (you already guessed that because of the name, right? J).  I have read and heard a lot of good things about Balay Indang and we decided to give it a lunch visit one weekend of June.

Since Indang is one of the many rural municipalities of Cavite (more province-like) google maps would come in handy to locate Balay Indang.  The area is very secluded with wall fence covering the area. 

Upon entrance to the gate, the guard will direct you to the ample parking spaces provided to guests.  From there, you will use this beautiful walkway made of plants.

This is the main house of Balay Indang.  Some parts are being reconstructed during our visit, so we didn’t dine there.  We were ushered to a different dining area.

Lunch at Balay Indang is eat-all-you-can style but foods are served at your table.  You can request for second serving if the served food is not enough for you.  Here are the different dishes served to us during our visit.

Dinnerware are all of different designs.  It add more uniqueness to the dining experience.

One of the most delicious green salads I ate – even the hubby liked it.

Delicious Curry Rice.

Fried Chicken.

I forgot the name of this dish.  L

Shrimp Kebab. 

Chicken Sotanghon.

Again, I forgot the name of this dish too.  L

Lumpiang Buko.  Yes, it has coconut meat as filling. 
Not very nice looking but this Creamy Maja is really tasty.
Fresh juice (which I’m not sure if its dalandan or lemon).

I cannot find any fault in any of the dishes served to us.  Every single one of them is delicious! 

All of us were so full that we decided to tour the place before heading home.  Balay Indang has a very vast area full of plants and beautiful decors which I will dedicate a photo blog next.  The place is very relaxing and calm.   

The delicious foods and the very beautiful and relaxing place make us want to go back to Balay Indang, which we will definitely do! J

For reservations, you may call: 09178374261.  Rates for lunch: group of 2 ~ Php800, group of 3 and up ~ Php700.  Children below 7 years old are free of charge.

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