Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pampers and Gymboree’s Mommy Meet Up

Last Sunday, Pampers in partnership with Gymboree’s 40th anniversary held a Mommy Meet Up event at Glorietta 5.  Mommies and kids were invited to celebrate with Gymboree and to witness the launch of Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

The program started promptly at 1pm.  Mommies, Daddies too, gathered around the audience area to listen to Teacher Ting, a child development expert, talk about the stages of child development and how parents can help with it.  After that, a panel of well-respected celebrity moms also discussed motherhood, career, and self-care. 

Mommies Ichel Alignay, Say Alonzo, Tess Dumadag, and Andi Manzano with host Dew Ladaga. 

During this time, little kids were not at all bored as Gymboree set up a play area for them to be occupied.  They were also given a chance to experience some activities done at Gymboree like the Bubbles and Parachute.

Little kids enjoying the Parachute and Bubbles time.

Also present during the program was Andi Manzano-Reyes with her cute baby Olivia to launch the Pampers Baby Dry Pants.  Andi talked about why she loves using Pampers for Olivia and why she is moving up to Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

Andi Manzano and Baby Olivia, Pampers Brand Ambassadors. 

A demonstration was done to show how the 3 easy steps to use the Pampers Baby Dry Pants. 

STEP 1: STRETCH, as it features an all-round stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs to make sure that the diaper fits the baby while he/she plays and moves around.

STEP 2: EASY TO PUT ON, just put one leg at a time and pull-up.  It’s easy to change diapers unlike the taped one where you need to make the baby lie down.

STEP 3: EASY TO TEAR OFF, just tear off the sides and dispose.

Kids and babies learn when they play and when they’re active.  Play is for kids as what work is for adults.  Since Pampers Baby Dry Pants is easy to put and easy to tear off, there is no need for parents to disturb babies playtime just to change nappies.  This lessens the crankiness of babies because they are interrupted during playtime.

Andi Manzano and Baby Olivia encouraging fellow babies wearing Pampers Pants to Shake Shake!

And that’s not all!  Because Pampers is a brand known for their absorbency, I personally witnessed and tried how absorbent it is.  A comparison test was done to show how absorbent Pampers Baby Dry Pants is compared to other brand.  Pampers Baby Dry Pants absorbs faster than the other brand, and even distributed its liquid to the diaper.  I was asked to squeeze the Pampers diaper as forceful as I can to extract the liquid, but to no avail.  This is because Pampers Baby Dry Pants has a soft touch-dry layer and magic gel that absorbs 30x its weight!  Galing!

I also tried squeezing Pampers as forcefully as I can – yet, no liquid came out of the diaper. 

Pampers Baby Dry Pants sure makes changing diaper an easy task for moms and dads as there is no need to interrupt babies’ playtime.  A win-win product for mommies and babies!  Try it and Move Up to Pampers Pants! J

It was one fun afternoon for Mommy and Neo! Thanks, Pampers and Gymboree!

Price and Availability:
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Medium (20’s): Php204
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large (18’s): Php214
Pampers Baby Dry Pants XLarge (16’s): Php214
Pampers Baby Dry Pants XXLarge (14’s): Php214


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  2. Nerisa, it was great to finally meet you!!! On behalf of Gymboree, thank you for coming!!!

    1. We had so much fun at the event. You were such a nice host. :)


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