Monday, August 15, 2016

Product Launch: Podee, Hands-Free Baby Bottle

Last August 6, I was invited to attend a product launch of a baby bottle at Dusit Thani Hotel entitled: When Your Two Hands Are Not Enough.   I was intrigued.  What kind of innovation in baby bottles would give parents extra hands?  This was answered by the launch of Podee, the hands-free baby bottle.

The Podee baby bottle is a hands-free baby bottle designed to help busy parents in feeding their babies.  It’s an innovation that will greatly benefit parents.  Complete with an 8-ounce baby bottle set and tube that connects the bottle and nipple, Podee has a unique adaptive flow system that allows baby to manage the pacing and amount of milk flow with ease.

Parents Benefit from Podee because of the peace of mind it offers us given that we don’t need to check if our babies are getting the milk they need without constantly checking them.

Babies benefit from Podee too.  Here’s how:
·         Podee helps prevent gas build up and colic
·         Podee helps prevent ear infections
·         Podee helps prevent reflux
·         Podee helps babies fees hands-free and upright
·         Podee is a great feeding system for travelling
·         Podee is a great feeding system for multiple babies

You baby can be the face of Podee! 
Podee is looking for a brand ambassador here in the Philippines.   Follow the simple mechanics below:
·         Buy a Podee baby bottle.
·         Take a photo of your baby using the Podee baby bottle.
·         Upload your photo on Facebook and use the hashtags #Podee #PodeeHandsFreeBottle #SmartBottle #FeedsUpRight #TagMedia #MindsetEvents
·         Deadline of entries: August 31, 2016.

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