Friday, September 23, 2016

3 Things I Like About Hey Sugar Waxing Salon

Waxing salons have been popping out in every mall lately.  This might be because being hairless in some parts of our bodies is becoming the standard of flawlessness.  For some, going hairless is not just about vanity but also a means of taking care of oneself.   This is true for me.

One Saturday, Hey Sugar Waxing Salon invited me to try their services.  I have tried other waxing salons already, and I would like to see how Hey Sugar Waxing Salon is different from other waxing salons.  

Clean areas, trained aesthetician, and affordable prices are some of the things that customers are looking for a waxing salon.  These are things you can find at Hey Sugar.  But allow me to add three more things that will make you choose Hey Sugar apart from the rest.

Beautiful Ambience – The moment I entered Hey Sugar Waxing Salon, I was amazed by its interiors.  The decors and furniture are very homey.  Their waxing rooms are spacious and clean.  And the whole area has a wonderful odor.  It smells clean and relaxing.

Lovely interior.

Spacious waxing room.

Organic Ingredients – I was told that Hey Sugar uses organic ingredients in their wax.  Sugar and calamansi are some of the ingredients they use.  This is very ideal for women who want to make sure that no harmful ingredients touch their skin.  Also, because they use organic ingredients, pregnant women (with the approval of their OB) can have a safe waxing experience at Hey Sugar.

They also sell organic products such as body scrub, castor oil, etc.

Threading Instead of Plucking – Most waxing salons are accustomed to plucking hairs that are left in waxing.  Hey Sugar does not.  They apply threading.  I find this nice as threading is less painful and has smoother effect.

I was invited at Hey Sugar Waxing Salon District Imus branch.  And the review is based on this branch. 


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